How To Achieve Phenomenal Success in Exam Using The Law of Attraction

How To Achieve Phenomenal Success in Exam Using The Law of Attraction

Do you know how to achieve phenomenal success in your exams using the Law of Attraction?

Do you want to discover how Law of Attraction can help you achieve your dream results in your exams?

Do you wonder how to use it for your studies and phenomenal exam success?

Most of the students are well aware of Law of Attraction and are using it in their life, but most of them are clueless about how to use it for success in exams. Your search comes to an end here. All your doubts and questions will be answered in this article with a guided step by step solution.

So far this post has changed the life for thousands of students across the globe and if you have resolved to use the Universal Secret of Law of Attraction for your success in studies, then it’s worth reading.

Many times I have been asked by students from different age groups and diverse fields that they have an important exam ahead and they are clueless about how to use Law of Attraction principle to achieve awesome results. Many of them share that most of the books or movies on the law of attraction talk about how to attract money, love, health or job but none of them talk about exams and results.

After helping hundreds of students and guiding them to utilize this universal wisdom in the right direction for achieving remarkable success in exams and normal studies, I am writing this post to reach much more students who are waiting for this guidance.

Whether you have a school, college or university exam or whether you have a professional course test like GMAT, GRE, SAT, Engineering or Medical entrance test. Whether you have a University admission test or a competitive exam like IAS, IES or CA. Whether you have these exams after a week or after few months, there is a certain way of working with the Universe. If you work in alignment with the Universe you can definitely produce results far better than what you have prepared for.

Many people complain that Law of Attraction has failed them in exams and they don’t believe in it anymore.

Exam Success using Law of Attraction

Where do people go wrong about Law of Attraction in exams?

The most common remark I found in various forums is that many students come and say my exam is in few days or a couple of weeks ahead, now I want to use the law of attraction to get the best result because I haven’t studied or prepared throughout the year. And the next question is shall I visualize all day that I am getting the best result and I will have that right? Law of attraction will help me for sure?

And my answer is to them is NO, the Universe doesn’t work this way to give you everything without doing anything. Don’t think Law of Attraction as a quick fix formula and just visualize for few days or weeks without studying and expect miracles.

The same thing happened after few weeks the result got published and they start telling everyone that Law of Attraction doesn’t work and that is the reason that’s why they have failed.

The Law of Attraction is the most natural law of Universe and working all the time unfailingly, so if you don’t do anything all the time and expect miracle then you get nothing because you are doing nothing so you are getting nothing.

What needed is Affirmative Action, Yes! Law of Attraction works in synchronization with affirmative action.

If you take affirmative action and follow the principle of Law of Attraction then definitely you can achieve remarkable success. Even the result will be far more magical than you prepared for.

What is Affirmative Action?

As a student or as a professional competing for an exam means your action is your preparation. The preparation to the best of your knowledge and skills with extreme optimism is your affirmative action. Preparing to the best of your capabilities means you are telling the Universe that you are ready for the success and you deserve it.

If you don’t study, if you don’t prepare how you get the feeling of deserving the success and if you are not feeling deserving how can you receive the success?

No matter where you are, no matter how many days or weeks or months you have left for the exam, if you decide today to have only succeeded in the end then go give your best, give you greatest with happiness and optimism. Take this affirmative action to magnetize the Universe for your success.

People take actions still, but why don’t they succeed?

Always remember many people have great knowledge and skill, they prepare to the best of their effort but still, they failed. Why?

Because they lack faith and confidence in themselves and in their preparation, they prepare with doubts and they appear exams with fear. As a result, they perform much lower than they prepared for or get so nervous during the exam that they can’t recall the knowledge from their brain.

I am sure many of you have experienced this in life. The most common experience is that the moment many people leave the exam hall and feel a bit relaxed all the answer flash in their mind and they say “damn! I have studied this well but couldn’t recall this”. This sounds familiar?

And when the result got published you got a performance below your expectation and you wonder why does this always happen to me?

Yes, this is where you have taken action but you didn’t get the deserving result and this is exactly where Law of Attraction comes to your rescue to get the result beyond your preparation.

Exam success using law of attraction

How the Law of Attraction Create Remarkable Success in Exam?

Affirmative action aligns with Law of Attraction and visualization gives you remarkable success.

Now I am going to guide you what all you should do now to be in the right alignment of preparation and law of attraction.

The first thing that you need to understand is “if you keep your calmness and optimism high you can create a miracle”.

Second is to accept the responsibility for where you are now and ready to start the journey. Whether you have your exam in a week time or in months whatever has been done, whether you have prepared well by now or not is already your reality. So accept that and get ready to create the miracle.

 AJ’s AWESOME ACTION TIPS: Work like this from now on

  • Be happy and be confident and no matter how big the exam is, do your study in full faith that you are going to do your best on the exam and get your best result.
  • Take an hour or 30 minutes off every day and think of what are the most probable areas your heart says may come in the exam, prepare them as best as you can. This is the process of using the power of intuition to guide us to guess what may come. This is the Universal way of working.
  • Every time you open your book or a chapter or a page on your laptop/computer say to the book and yourself that “I am confident and I have strong faith that this is my best study and I am going to do the best in this exam”
  • Every day takes 5 to 10 minutes of time from your schedule and meditate. This will connect your mind to the infinite intelligence of the Universe. You can do this meditation in the morning, evening or before going to sleep at night.
  • As you finish the meditation visualize for a moment that now you are studying with happiness and you are getting everything stored in your memory.
  • Have Your Vision Sheet: Take a paper and write down that the result of the exam you want to achieve. Example Likewise whatever is your desired result write it down in big font and paste in front of your study table or cupboard or make it your laptop or desktop background.
    • suppose you want to get 80% on your Semester Exam, then write down “I SCORED 80% in my SEMESTER EXAM.”
    •  If you want to Topped IAS Exam 2015, write down “I AM IAS TOPPER of 2015.”
  • Every time you see it rather than getting doubtful and scared say Thank You and feel the Happiness. This will program your subconscious mind to make you fully confident and infuse the deserving feeling within every cell of your body.
  • Also if you can Google a dummy result sheet of the same exam or make a copy of someone who has given it before and writes down your name and the exact result or marks you want in the result sheet and pastes it near your Vision sheet for the exam. It works like a miracle. I have seen many people who did this got the closest to result to this dummy result they prepared for.

If you prepare your exam with happiness and confidence you surely get a great result, but if you let doubt and fear surround you, no matter how much you study you will get a lesser result than you expected. Also, if you don’t study and expect a miracle to happen then also that never comes true.

Law of Attraction is about being confident of the best result even before you get that and giving your best effort every moment of it believing that you are destined for greatness. So the whole universe works on to gift you the result you wanted.

Keep studying well with happiness and optimism.

If at all you failed before in such competition, but today reading this in a quest to win your dream this time, I must say when you understand it right the whole Universe comes to make this rearrangement of exam for you. There is no accident in the Universe, everything happens for a reason. Though you have failed before when you understand it now, it means the Universe is giving you an opportunity to do it in the right way with extremely well prepared with utmost positivity to succeed in the test with flying colors.

And in the end have this in mind no matter what others say, No Exam is big and no way are you small for it. If you believe in it, you are the most deserving person out there in the arena.


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Thank You to the Universe for this Enlighten Wisdom.

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