Dream Home Manifestation: Law of Attraction Success Story

Dream Home Manifestation: Law of Attraction Success Story

Hi Ajaya,

First of all, thank you, thank you, thank you so much Universe for sending an angel like Ajaya into my life, and thank you so much Ajaya for all your awesome and valuable words which just changed my life.

I don’t have enough words to show my gratitude to you because your guidance just changed me and my life. I feel like I have got a new birth because this LOA saved my life.

I was completely a different person before 3 months full of anger, anxiety, depression, negativity, over-emotional, doubts, and insecurities. Always I was underestimating myself and today I am completely a different person full of joy, happiness, excitement, and staying positive towards everything in my life.

Thank you so much, Ajaya for everything. 😇 😊

One day I cried a lot and decided to finish my life for personal reasons and coincidentally I saw LOA videos.  Then I stopped myself and started seeing videos and I came to know about you during that time. After seeing your videos then I realised that yes God is with me and he has sent you to guide me on the right path to make my life more beautiful as I have so many responsibilities and many things to achieve.

Then I joined MYLA (Make Your Life Awesome Program) exactly the next day of my birthday i.e. 28th June 2020. AJ I can’t express how I am feeling now because it was really an awesome journey and today I am so so grateful for everything I am having in my life.

Yes Yes Yes today I am such a beautiful, calm, peaceful person full of positivity and now I always praise myself for everything that I am doing. I love myself however I look and whatever I do because I do everything heartily, happily, and positively. I am so strong and much more confident now. I am speaking with everyone joyfully.

Out of my top 10 goals, one goal was to get my dream home which I dreamt of for a long time. You know AJ, my dad called and told me the duplex which I was talking about earlier, owner uncle is calling and want to give the house to us which is in Bhubaneswar Odisha.

Even though other people are offering more money but still they want to give it to us. So after all discussion, I sent my savings money to my Dad for advance payment because currently, I am staying in Frankfurt, Germany, and can’t go to India right now. Even when I said please tell them that we can’t pay now all the amount because it’s about 65 lakhs, the owner’s uncle told my Dad it’s okay you just transfer the loan account which is around 25 lakhs to your daughter’s name once she will come to India rest of the amount you can send us slowly and no need to panic.

AJ I am so happy today that I have given advance and at least booked that home. I don’t know how I am going to give the rest of the money but I have full faith in my God that if he has shown me a step then he is definitely going to show me the road to walk. I am so happy today and I know I will be sharing all my successful stories soon which will much more awesome. Today I am happily taking all my responsibilities.

Yesterday after completing 22 days I just asked God at night before sleeping, if I am on the right path then please show me either Lotus, a Sunflower flower or something unique colour butterfly. You know AJ I was just watching some videos and I saw Lotus and Sunflower images in one video that too within some time. Even today Morning also I saw one photo of Sai Baba with a Lotus flower. I am so happy AJ because I have 100% faith in my Baba (Universe) and God that yes yes yes I am on the right path and all wishes are coming true. Even I am seeing repetitive numbers and butterfly images frequently. During this journey, I have seen Butterfly in my dream that too early morning which I have never ever imagined also. I am so happy and excited AJ which I can’t express here.

Thank you, thank you, thank you so much AJ for all your valuable words which keep me motivated to achieve all my dreams easily.

I am sorry AJ for this Long email but I am super excited to share a little from my Journey. Please read my email Once AJ.

Thank You Thank You Thank You AJ. You are really really So Awesome.

Loads of Love and Best wishes,

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