Dream Job Manifestation In Bahrain – A Long List of Manifestations

Dream Job Manifestation In Bahrain – A Long List of Manifestations

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.

I have read so many success stories from your site. But it brings me goosebumps that now I am going to tell my own success story. I would like to name this season a “Spring of Magic!!!!!”. Because my list goes on and I am literally getting showered with magic.

Let me introduce my old version first; to communicate how magic came into my life.

Before Knowing the Law of Attraction

I was an outstanding student from my school days until college. I had good academic reports. I am a postgraduate in Civil Engineering from one of the best NIT in India. After completing my M. Tech I got married like any other Indian girl and shifted to Bahrain.

With an immense wish to work in an engineering firm, I sent my CV to so many companies, big and small. All got rejected in the CV stage itself due to a lack of Gulf experience. A few interviews I appeared, but they didn’t select me. The one company I got selected to, became on the blacklist. My husband is working in a Bank and through his contacts, he also tried for an opportunity for me. I am so grateful for his support for my dream journey. But whomever we approached either went out of the country or for some reason we couldn’t connect with them.

Being a Piscean I was very anxious, overthinking, and worried about imaginative things. This continued for one and a half years. My confidence level was decreasing.  I was very much disappointed. I was depressed. I cried even without any reason. I used to be very much fond of handicrafts, painting, and writing. I felt no interest in that. I felt like a bird in a golden cage.

I was afraid that soon I may get into some psychological disorder.

Magic Was About to Happen: The Secret, Law of Attraction And Ajaya

6 months ago, my sister introduced me to ‘The Secret’. I availed a book and read. It was the first time I heard about the ‘Law of Attraction’. I researched through all the connecting sites and came to Ajaya also.

At that time I got a small job, with a negligible salary. I joined to learn and to get experience. There in the office, I read everything related to LOA whenever I got free time. I procured ‘the magic’ pdf and at the same time joined the Magical Practice Course of Ajaya Mishra.

I felt immensely grateful for the job I had. Whenever I step into my office, I imagined that it was my dream job. I acted as if I already have my dream job. I kept a notepad to note whatever things I feel grateful for each day. Whenever I get a check from there I put two more zeroes to those digits in my mind and I felt immense thanks for the money.

Whenever I left the track, Ajaya’s regular emails kept motivating me. One day I got Dream Job Affirmations from Ajaya. I started practising it daily. Within a week, some hurricanes happened inside the office. Office politics was at its peak and my boss resigned. This company also got blacklisted by the govt. My visa was not changed then. My salary was also due for a few months. I had to quit my job in that scenario. I did it with pleasure. I knew that something great was coming to me.

Magic of Manifestation – Dream Job Manifestation

Again job hunt started. But this time, I did it with confidence and happiness. First I applied to my dream companies. I read the ‘Power of Your Subconscious Mind‘ Book gifted by Ajaya. It gave me strength. I kept on feeding my soul with books, positive affirmations, songs, and meditation. One and a half months passed. I realized that I am not preparing well to have my dream job. Soon I bought dresses for wearing in my dream job, managed my family life and house chores to meet my work timings, and stuck notes in the kitchen carrying affirmations. All set.

One night, I went to sleep with my headphones listening to Dream Job Affirmations. The next morning I woke up with a call from Al Jazeera Engg. – one of my dream companies.  They told me that they would inform my interview timing soon. But I didn’t get that call for a few weeks. I kept on doing affirmations, prayer, reading books, etc.  Suddenly everything changed. My previous boss called Al Jazeera’s GM and the interview date for me was fixed. And now this is my 4th day at Al Jazeera and this mail is from my office. I have now a doubled salary and a better position. Magic is not stopping here.

Scrolling through my previous mail, I could realize that this is the company I had applied to two years ago. This is the company, my husband’s friend recommended to him just because my current MD is his friend! The most exciting thing is only coming. I have done one Al Jazeera’s project in my previous job and that was the first reference project I got in my hand! It is really a dream come true moment. Besides, my small materialistic desires got fulfilled. Each day now I am looking forward to more magic.

I would like to tell all those people who are experiencing as I did before, never ever lose hope. Get motivated daily. Believe that everything happens for a good reason. Gratitude can really do wonders.

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.

Your Big Fan from Bahrain

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