Hemant Scores 98 Percent In Exam Using Law of Attraction

Hemant Scores 98 Percent In Exam Using Law of Attraction

Hello Friends,

I am sharing the story of my success in the Java certification exam. The nature of the exam is very tough. There are a total of 60 questions and the minimum mark required for passing the exam is 61%. Two months before I and my friends decided to take the exam.

At that time, I set a goal to score 100% marks.

I started visualizing and practising gratitude. For the first time, I scheduled the exam for 2nd March, but I couldn’t take the exam because of the ID proof issue. My friends had taken the exam on 2nd March, but unfortunately, they both failed the exam.

After that, they were continuously saying to me that the exam was very hard, but I concentrated on gratitude practice. I didn’t lose my faith at that time.

Once again, I scheduled the exam on the 14th of April, and this time I passed the exam with a 98% score.

I am very grateful to Ajay sir for all his support and guidance. He gave me valuable suggestions on how to do gratitude practice and how to follow the law of attraction for this exam.

Some days before the exam I got Ajay sir’s email about how to attract a dream job and read it. The “How to Attract Dream Job with Law of Attraction” post gave me the idea to become more grateful. I got the clarity to attract our dream job, we should be grateful to the interview panel and job offer letter, etc.

On the basis of that, I got the idea about everything I should be grateful for all exam-related things. I started giving gratitude to the computer on which the exam will be conducted, exam fees, and ID proof. I was grateful to Dipti and Yogesh Sir, who were arranging the exam. I was continuously giving gratitude to all my teachers for teaching me Java subject, and I was grateful to God too.

After a few days of practising gratitude, God has shown me the path to achieving success in this Java certification exam. One day my teacher gave me a series of mostly asked questions in the exam, so I prepared those questions well. Frankly speaking, I didn’t know about those questions for two months. And from those questions given to my teacher, most of them came into my exam, and I cleared them happily.

Thank You, God, Thank you Sneha and Jaydeep sir (my Java language teacher ) and Ajay sir thank you, thank you, thank you for all your guidance and valuable posts.

Before I was attracted to too many small things. I have also been attracted to a job with a 3 lakh annual package, but I couldn’t join at that time due to some family issues.

Getting a 98% Score in the Java exam is my biggest dream come true and it did boost my faith in the law of attraction and God. Now I am getting a new job with a five lakh annual package salary.

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