Bhuvana Beat Depression And Achieved Success, Job, And Money

Bhuvana Beat Depression And Achieved Success, Job, And Money

Hi AJ Sir,

I would like to share my story and how my life has changed after knowing the law of attraction and practicing the magic of gratitude.

In 2008, I was studying B.Tech; it was my 2nd Year, and I was in a relationship. I trusted the guy, but he cheated me. I was heartbroken, and I went into depression.

At that time, my father had some health issues and that year he passed away. I lost everything that I had in that one year. As a result, even I dropped one year in my B.Tech also.

My life was completely messed up, and I was in depression. As I was in the depression, even I went for counseling.

At that point a ray of hope came into life, my sister gave me ‘The Secret’ book.

After reading The Secret and knowing the law of attraction, my condition starts getting better.

I cleared all my subjects and completed my B.Tech. But I graduated without any job, and again it was a difficult time for me.

At that point, I got the Magic Book. When I read and start practicing Gratitude from The Magic Book, things started getting better in my life, and I got a job in a BPO.

Though I got the job, I wasn’t very happy with it. Also, I had low self-esteem at that time. And that is why I got the job according to my belief because we get it according to our faith. I didn’t believe that I deserve much in life, so I got the job that wasn’t paying me much. Also, I was not happy.

Fast forward to 2015, I was sick of my BPO job, and I was again feeling pressure within. I was always passionate about writing, but I had never tried anything in it because I never had faith in myself.

At that time as I was sick of my BPO job, so I was preparing for bank exams.

As my vibration was not very positive and my belief was not very strong, I knew I have to do something to make my life better. At that time, I found your Magical Practice Online Course and register for it.

When I joined your online program, it filled me with a lot of positivity and confidence. As I started practicing Gratitude under your guidance, I gained a lot of positivity.

I appeared for the Bank Exam with a lot of confidence. My IBPS Prelims also got cleared, and I was very happy.

But then result came, and I wasn’t able to clear the Main exam.

At that time when I was again getting depressed, I reminded myself of your online course and decided to practice gratitude every day in life.

Then I decided to be grateful for whatever I have. You always told us to “Be grateful for whatever we have to get whatever we want.”

So I told myself let me be grateful for my BPO Job.

Soon I got an interview call for a new job. Though I was scared in the beginning for the interview, practicing gratitude boost my confidence and I attended the interview. The Interview went very good, and they said they will let me know the result.

After few days, I got the call from them, and they offered me the job.

I am very very happy because this is the job I was always passionate about. Now my job is about writing, and while working in the BPO, I never believed I can get such a job. And now I got the job as I always wanted.

Not just that now my Salary is 22,000. My previous salary was only 9,000. So in the new job, I got 2.5 times of my last salary while doing the work I love.

I must tell you that when I was doing your Magical Practice Course, I wrote my Top 10 Desire List. And One desire was to get a Job in Writing Field with a salary more than 20,000.

Now, desire comes true. I got the job in writing profile and salary is also more than 20,000.

Though I was not very consistent with practicing the Magic, I kept practicing gratitude whenever I can, and my life has changed magically.

Now I feel very positive and confident. My self-esteem has become high, and I love my life.

I am highly grateful to Rhonda Byrne mam, and You AJ Sir.



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