10 Law of Attraction Manifestation in Just One Month

10 Law of Attraction Manifestation in Just One Month

Hi AJ,

Great day to you!

I would love to share with you all the great manifestations that have happened to me throughout the past 28 Days! 😀

Following are some of the main highlights of my blessings received:

1. I got a free trip to Brisbane, courtesy of my Aunt.
2. Achieved my smooth and radiant complexion.
3. Got many part-time jobs and free dinner treats.
4. Achieved a slimmer frame and continuously getting better.
5. An influx of money from all my part-time jobs, family, and aunt.
6. Got some of the beauty products that I wanted at a super good steal.
7. Managed to back up all my important info on my phone in time, after it got crashed (imagine the anxiety and horror!)
8. Achieved a better understanding of myself and my emotions.
9. Healed the big bruise on my head in time for the Lunar New Year celebration.
10. My eyes could adapt to certain beauty products that I used to allergic

And much more is happening every day!! But the above are the few things that had me in awe and amazement at the power of gratitude!

Looking forward to sharing more amazing news with you!

Thank You, AJ!:)


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