Manifesting A Job Using The Law of Attraction After Being Jobless For 9 Months

Manifesting A Job Using The Law of Attraction After Being Jobless For 9 Months

Dear Sir,

Greetings of the day !!!

I am writing this mail with immense pleasure and gratitude.

I came across the Law of attraction in 2002 “अंतर्मनाच्या गाभाऱ्यात” and then in 2008 “The secret”. I do achieve my materialistic success quite successfully in the past. I manifested my life partner, my dream home, my dream job, foreign trips, and most importantly my Daughter till 2014.

These are my Good manifestations. And then after 2014, I lost track and start focusing on too much news, politics, negativity, and frustration at the job. And as said “you manifest things where your energy flows”

And it’s 2018, first, my job changed, then money flow was restricted, physical ailment, followed by job losses in 2019. I literally lost hope in later months as my entire job hunt failed at the finishing line.

Missing Link: Law of Attraction

Then I realise the missing point from my life about law of attraction, I started it again but all my efforts were haywards, desperate. In Mid-November 2019, I started following AJ sir on Youtube. Then I desired to attend the ‘MYLA’ program with no money in hand.

And everything turns out and I join ‘MYLA’ on 31st December 2019. MYLA gave me streamlined and effective tools and techniques to implement the Law of attraction. This program literally pulls me out of my frustration, and desperation. During the process of 22 days, I face many of my hidden fears. I intend to get my dream job followed by many awesome goals.

And here I am, from jobless for 9 months to a job in hand. Though it’s nowhere close to my dream job, it’s more than enough to boost my belief system to focus on my goals without desperation.

Now I am feeling more relaxed, at peace, and feeling grateful for everything around me. This job is entirely with new job responsibilities, but I have a great team here who co-operates with me at each step of the day-to-day job responsibility.

And now I just know that all my goals are around the corner and I am manifesting everything.

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you Awesome AJ.

(I request you to keep my identity hidden, please)

Kind Regards

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