Happily Manifesting Dreams With The Law of Attraction

Happily Manifesting Dreams With The Law of Attraction

Dear AJ,

I am an avid follower of your programs and guidance since January 2019. Before that, I used to watch your YouTube videos.

It is always great interacting with and I always believe that my confidence in the Law of Attraction has stemmed from your mentoring.

I have followed 3 programs in your academy and each one of them took me to a new level of transformation.

I started with the Heal Your Heart Meditation Program. Then I joined the Make Your Life Awesome Program and finally, at the moment I am doing the Magical Practice Video Program.

I have had tremendous success in this period with the manifestation of most of my desires. I have hundreds of small and big manifestations. I would like to share some of the key manifestations today.

1. I have manifested my visit to Delhi as a nomination from my office at one of the most prestigious events in the country organized by the MEA. I manifested this opportunity despite having tough competition from people who wanted to visit the event. As I was nominated my entire visit was free of cost and completely sponsored by my office. I am still grateful as this was my first big manifestation.

2. I manifested my beautiful crystal-clear skin. As I was suffering from acne for a long time, my self-confidence was going down. However, with the MYLA program, I came in touch with the right doctor who completely changed my life forever.

3. I manifested my own car with the help of the Make Your Life Awesome (MYLA) program. I received the money in a completely unexpected way and since I love driving, my happiness knew no bounds.

4. I manifested a beautiful diamond necklace as a gift. This was a desire that I had written as a part of the 101 wish list for the MYLA program.

Apart from these big manifestations, I am constantly in a happy state of mind and keep attracting small desires like abundant money, seats in public transport, compliments from my dear ones, and also several other situations that fill me with gratitude.

I am beyond happy to be a part of the Awesome Tribe and I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude to Awesome AJ for his constant encouragement. I am sure I will be able to write many more success stories in the future as well.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!


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