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How To Become A Certified Law of Attraction Coach?

Law of Attraction Coaching is a quickly growing field, and the demand for qualified coaches is constantly increasing. Becoming a Certified Law of Attraction Coach requires dedication and practice, but can be an incredibly rewarding career path.

A Law of Attraction Coach is someone who has studied and mastered the principles of the law of attraction and manifesting, with the goal of helping others create more abundance in their lives.

A law of attraction coach often works one-on-one with clients to help them identify their goals and create strategies for achieving them by utilizing manifestation methodologies, tools and techniques.

Those interested in becoming a law of attraction coach can find many programs available online, but one of the most important factors to become a successful coach is being trained and certified by an expert in the field with proven track records.

The best coach program is Ajaya Mishra’s Certified Law of Attraction Coach Program offered through Big Manifestation Academy. This comprehensive program teaches students all they need to know about the fundamentals of manifesting, as well as how to become successful in coaching others on the same subject. These modules are developed and taught by the best law of attraction coach Ajaya Mishra himself, so students get access to the best knowledge available on the topic. Through this program, participants will learn all about the law of attraction from back to advanced level, different types of manifestation techniques; how to work with clients; how to develop a business plan; and much more.

The Certified Law Of Attraction Coaching Program at Big Manifestation Academy is designed for everyone from beginners who want to start a career as an LOA coach up to experienced coaches looking to add new insights to their existing practice. The course also offers 3 years of access so that participants can go back and review any material whenever they need it. Anyone interested in joining this program can sign up with the button below or contact our team for more information.

How Does the Law of Attraction Coach Certification Program Work?

The Law of Attraction Coach Certification Program is designed to help you become a proficient professional coach who is able to effectively guide clients through the process of manifesting their desired life changes. Through a variety of video lectures and exercises, you’ll learn how to use the Law of Attraction to help your clients create positive outcomes in all areas of their lives. Additionally, the program will explore ways to assist clients in focusing on their intentions while using visualization techniques to create and maintain a positive outlook.

The Law of Attraction Coach Certification Program emphasizes the importance of creating an environment where clients feel safe and supported in their pursuits, as well as understanding how to provide effective feedback and guidance. The program is designed to equip you with the skills necessary to help your clients identify blocks that may be holding them back, shift their mindset, and create meaningful positive experiences. You’ll learn how to use the power of manifestation in a structured and empowering way, all while helping your clients reach their goals. With the Law of Attraction Coach Certification Program, you can be sure that your clients leave feeling empowered and excited about creating the life they desire.

Additionally, you’ll gain insight into the importance of setting achievable goals, managing client expectations, and building trust with your clients. By furthering your knowledge of the Law of Attraction and increasing your confidence as a coach, you can create a successful business that offers clients the best possible experience.  By completing this certification program, you will become a certified Law of Attraction Coach and be able to confidently guide your clients on their journey to manifesting the life they desire.

With the help of our experienced coaches, you will be able to hone your skills and become an expert in using the Law of Attraction for success.  With this certification, you will have access to a wealth of resources that will help you build a successful business. These include online courses, audio recordings, webinars, and more. You can also join our exclusive online community and get support from other certified coaches. Our program is designed to equip you with the knowledge and skills necessary to help your clients manifest their ideal life.  This includes teaching them how to create a vision, identify personal blocks, set intentions, and believe in their own power to manifest what they desire. You will also be able to provide guidance on techniques such as visualization, affirmations, and meditation. With your certification, you can become a Law of Attraction Coach and help others transform their lives. You can also use this knowledge to create seminars, workshops, and other events that will help spread the power of manifestation in the world. Join us today on our journey to changing lives around the world with the power of intention!

Why Now is the Best Time to Become a Life Coach /Law of Attraction Coach

In a world that’s constantly evolving, the demand for personal development and guidance is at an all-time high. As individuals strive for fulfilment and purpose, the role of a life coach has become increasingly vital. If you’ve ever considered embarking on a career as a life coach, now is the opportune moment, and here’s why:

1️⃣ Booming Industry Growth: The global coaching market is growing at a rate of 6.7% annually, creating abundant opportunities for aspiring life coaches.

2️⃣ Increased Awareness of Mental Health: A diminishing stigma around mental health has led to a heightened awareness, with individuals actively seeking support for personal development and emotional well-being.

3️⃣ Remote Opportunities: Advancements in technology enable life coaches to connect with clients worldwide, offering flexibility and autonomy in their work.

4️⃣ Diverse Specialization Options: Life coaching allows for specialization in various niches, such as career, relationships, or wellness, catering to the evolving needs of a diverse client base.

5️⃣ Positive Impact on Clients: Life coaches contribute to transformative changes in clients’ lives, fostering increased confidence, better decision-making, and overall life satisfaction.

6️⃣ Training and Certification Programs: The rise in demand has led to the emergence of certification programs, providing aspiring coaches with the necessary skills, knowledge, and ethical foundations.

7️⃣ Flexible Career Paths: Life coaching offers a versatile profession where practitioners can align their expertise with their passions, creating a fulfilling and personally meaningful career.

8️⃣ Global Connectivity: The ability to connect with clients globally enhances the potential client base, expanding opportunities for both new and experienced life coaches.

9️⃣ Client Testimonials: Success stories and positive client testimonials highlight the tangible impact that life coaching can have on individuals, further fueling the industry’s growth.

🔟 Accessible Entry: With a wealth of resources and support available, entering the field of life coaching has never been more accessible, making it an ideal time for individuals with a passion for personal development to pursue this rewarding career.

Why Becoming A Law of Attraction Coach Is Better Than A Normal Life Coach

Here are a few points highlighting why becoming a Law of Attraction Coach can be seen as advantageous compared to a normal life coach:

1️⃣ Specialised Focus: Law of Attraction Coaches specialize in leveraging the principles of attraction to manifest positive outcomes. This specialized focus allows them to provide targeted guidance for clients looking to align their thoughts and energy with their desired goals.

2️⃣ Alignment with Personal Beliefs: For individuals who strongly resonate with the Law of Attraction philosophy, becoming a Law of Attraction Coach allows them to align their coaching practice with their personal beliefs, creating a more authentic and fulfilling career.

3️⃣ Holistic Approach: Law of Attraction Coaching often incorporates a holistic approach to personal development, emphasizing the interconnectedness of thoughts, emotions, and actions. This can result in a more comprehensive and transformative coaching experience for clients.

4️⃣ Niche Market Appeal: As the popularity of the Law of Attraction grows, there’s a niche market of individuals specifically seeking coaches well-versed in these principles. This can lead to a more targeted and potentially expansive client base for Law of Attraction Coaches.

5️⃣ Unique Strategies: Law of Attraction Coaches employ unique strategies and exercises rooted in the principles of attraction, offering clients alternative perspectives and tools for goal achievement beyond traditional coaching methods.

6️⃣ Positive Energy and Mindset: The emphasis on maintaining a positive energy and mindset distinguishes the Law of Attraction Coaching. Coaches guide clients in cultivating a positive mental state, fostering resilience, and attracting positive experiences into their lives.

7️⃣ Innovative Visualization Techniques: Law of Attraction Coaches often incorporate innovative visualization techniques that go beyond traditional goal-setting, helping clients vividly imagine and attract their desired outcomes with greater clarity.

Ultimately, choosing to become a Law of Attraction Coach over a normal life coach has many advantages as you can offer result-oriented coaching in alignment with the specific principles and techniques associated with the Law of Attraction.

Imagine This Day: You Become The High In-Demand Law of Attraction Life Coach

Life Coach

You become a powerful, effective and successful Life Coach. You become more effective in your work by helping your clients move past their fears, overcome challenges, manifest their dreams and become more successful.

It’s a journey where you’re immersed in the work. In other words, you’ll “walk the talk.” You’ll become the most credible and effective Life Coach and Law of Attraction Expert… and enjoy a dramatic boost in the results you’re producing.

Please don’t miss this once-a-year opportunity to engage in your own transformation as you learn how to teach, train, and coach others to their greatest success.

I highly encourage you to register now and get instant access to the training. Get started with my curated high-valued resources and transformational techniques to use in your life and career. As you go through it at your own pace, time, and convenience, the process, framework, guides, and techniques are easy to follow and simple to implement with your clients in any situation in life.

You can do it and it will happen to you!

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For the first time, Ajaya Mishra has crafted an intensive training program offering his unique Life Coaching formula to coach and mentor highly successful individuals.

Over the past 12 years, Ajaya has been working with a select group of people to uplevel their skills and abilities to help, coach and inspire people in an entirely new way using The Law of Attraction and his Manifestation Framework – and the results have been astounding.

Ajaya has mentored, coached and trained thousands of people from all walks of life including Celebrities, CEOs, Corporate Leaders and homemakers, and created extraordinary results.

In this Certified Law of Attraction Life Coach Program, Ajaya will train and empower aspiring coaches with the same methodology, tools, and techniques that made him an Internationally Renowned Life Coach and India’s Best Law of Attraction Master Coach.

Join Ajaya today to become a Certified Life Coach, Manifestation Mentor, Law of Attraction Coach and Expert, Speaker, Trainer, and Consultant by developing world-class skills. This program will turn hundreds of professionals into Successful Life Coaches and human potential experts this year. Build a career in helping others and realise your true meaning of life and purpose.

It’s your opportunity to TURN YOUR PASSION INTO A PURPOSEFUL PROFESSION as A Certified Law of Attraction Life Coach.


Becoming a coach

First, you’ll master the fundamentals of life coaching,  the basic frameworks, and various coaching methodologies developed by Ajaya Mishra. This part will help you in building your foundation to become a successful life coach.


coaching client

Next, Ajaya will walk you through his tried and trusted advanced coaching methods. The thrust is on how to master them so that you can coach someone easily and confidently and help them in achieving their desired outcomes.


ready to get started

Finally, we help you to get started with building your coaching business. You’ll learn marketing basics, administrative and record-keeping tasks, brand management and
fee structures. You will be equipped with formats, templates, Questionnaires, etc. 

The Law of Attraction Life Coach Certification Program is for you if:



A truly unique program designed to train, prepare, program and inspire you for your success as a Life Coach. The comprehensive program has considered every aspect of Life Coaching including Personal Attention, Tried and Trusted Framework, Post-Graduation Support, Launch Plans, and much more. You get everything you need to become A Successful Life Coach.


Ajaya has curated a world-class coaching framework for you that he has been using and it will work for you as well. A curriculum developed from his knowledge, wisdom, and experience of coaching thousands of people from all walks of life.


You will be taught how to be more effective with your clients and successfully create desired results in your coaching practice. Advanced methodologies, tools and practices on personal transformation, the Law of Attraction, and Manifestation


Ajaya will help you to understand the prevalent business practices of life coaching and share the secrets with you to thrive in your own coaching business. Want to start charging for your service once you graduate? You will get how to do it step-by-step.


We list you on our website and feature you on our social media channels. This will give you the most needed exposure to kick-start your coaching journey. Thousands of people visit our website and Ajaya has millions of followers across the social media universe. 


You will be provided with a handy and highly effective Coaching Toolkit that help you in your coaching clients. This includes templates and formats for pre and post-coaching requirements. Administrative work and other requirements. 


Once you graduate you will be added to an exclusive group of coaches personally trained by Ajaya for networking, sharing success, learning and lifetime connections. 

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 5-STAR REVIEWS ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐


"This Program will exceed your expectation!"


Dian Certified Law of Attraction Life Coach

“As someone who has been on the path of self-development and manifestation for years, I feel blessed for choosing this Law of Attraction Life Coach Certification Course over many other courses and you, Ajaya (AJ), as my mentor as this is the best investment I ever made. Over the course of 25 sessions, I have gained a wealth of knowledge and skills that have shown me the path to becoming a Successful Law of Attraction Coach and helping others to achieve their goals. This Life Coach Program has made me a Certified Coach and a Super Manifestor. I am already getting many requests for Coaching Sessions from potential clients. Thank you so much for offering this Super Awesome Coach Program right on time.”

Dian Noviany

Entrepreneur and Islamic Law of Attraction Coach


Tara Certified Law of Attraction Life Coach

“I am so happy to become a Certified Life Coach. Just five months back nothing was going right in my life that’s when my husband introduced me to Ajaya Sir’s teaching and suggest I join this program. I just wanted to change my life in the beginning but this program has not just transformed me completely now I am a Certified Life Coach. During this Program, I manifested my Visa and shifted to Australia, manifested a new job and so much more for me and my husband.  The valuable knowledge, experiences and skills I learned during the program allowed me to really take everything in and feel capable to be a coach. I already got a big offer to join as a Life Coach in a large organisation. I am so excited to start this new chapter of my life. ”


Law of Attraction Life Coach


Sunetra Law of Attraction Manifestation Coach

“I have been part of Big Manifestation Academy for a long time and my life has transformed completely. Also being a Spiritual Seeker and Healer I always wanted to become a Certified Life Coach and the Universe send this course as the answer to my desire. This Course helps me to find the answers to Life’s Problems. Through this course, I got a lot of amazing insights, knowledge and wisdom to develop my talents to become the Best Version of Myself. This entire Program reminds me again, that our Real Power is within us. With Ajaya Sir’s years of experience, we tapped into the deeper process of Life Coaching, Manifestation and transformation. He equipped us with all kinds of tools, techniques, processes and templates needed to become a successful coach. Now I am ready to Empower and Inspire others and to help them Grow and Achieve their Dreams and Goals Easily, Effortlessly and Successfully


Manifestation Life Coach and Spiritual Healer


Vastala Certified Law of Attraction Life Coach

“This Life Coaching Program is truly Awesome and Powerful. Even before completing it, I got the opportunity to officially Coach and Mentor others in our organisation for their professional growth and success. Being part of many of AJ Sir’s Programs I knew the power of manifestation and the effectiveness of his programs. When I joined this program, I knew that program will be very intensive but it’s worth taking as I have 100% faith in AJ sir’s teaching. Even though I didn’t have enough funds to join the program, I took a leap of faith and I am glad I did it. During this program, I have manifested so many things including a lot more money than I paid for this program, clearing loans, career growth, promotion, and more. Now I am a Certified Life Coach and also more powerful to manifest everything with the Law of Attraction. Thank you so much Sir for developing this program, I recommend it to everyone aspiring to become a coach.  ”


Law of Attraction Life Coach and Corporate Professional



Become A Certified Law of Attraction Life Coach and master the proven success system that has helped millions of people create the life of their dreams!


rise and shine mindfulness workshop


I and my elite training team will work with you to teach understand, develop and practice all aspects of your Life Coaching skill set including Coaching skills, listening and processing techniques, storytelling for impact, facilitation skills, live student presentations, feedback sessions with me, and more.

Rise and Shine


You’ll be comprehensively trained and certified as a Life Coach with a Specialisation in The Law of Attraction Principles and my immersive, experiential training methods called: The Manifestation Methodology.

rise and shine 21 day mindful workshop


Online Learning to help you immerse, learn and implement the training at your comfort level along with Live Q&A and other sessions. Upon joining you’ll get immediate access to multiple video programs, audio videos, training, formates, etc. that will develop your expertise for teaching The Law of Attraction Manifestation Methodology.

rise and shine mindful workshop


You get an opportunity to have o2 One-On-One Live Sessions where I’ll answer your questions, helping you further develop your skills as a life coach or expand your business.

morning mindful workshop


Ensures personalised attention to complete the course smoothly and learn everything desired to become a successful life coach. Feedback from me and my team in your development as a Certified Life Coach.

Life Coach


Upon graduation, you will be provided with multiple assistance and access to project yourself as a Life Coach and Law of Attraction Expert. This includes your listing on our website as a Certified Life Coach, promoting you on our social handles, access to the exclusive WhatsApp Group for coaches and more. 

Celebrity Testimonials

Play Video

“I would like to convey my deepest gratitude to Ajaya (AJ). After knowing him and doing his programs my life has improved in all areas of life, be it money, health, relationship. I urge everyone to not think twice and do his courses.”

Hitha Chandrashekhar

South Indian Actress

Play Video about Sanjana Anand Testimonial

“I really had a major situation. I was down and it was really difficult for me to lift my frequency up. Thank you so much Ajaya (AJ) for playing big role in getting me back on track. His mentoring and courses helped me to achieve a lot and take my life forward.”

Sanjana Anand

South Indian Actress

This is going to be an incredible learning experience

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Awesome Bonuses

The program will be laced with awesome bonuses and templates that going to help you in faster learning, understanding of the concepts and further practice.

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We continuously update and upgrade the program so that you will learn the industry's best practices in the Law of Attraction and Life Coaching.

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After completion of the program, you will get a Certificate from Big Manifestation Academy.


  1. You will be part of this exclusive program of a group of select individuals on invite only basis.
  2.  This is a 50+ Hours long training program conducted by Big Manifestation Academy to prepare you in becoming an expert in Law of Attraction and Life Coaching
  3. Program content comprises of Online Live and Recorded Lessons
  4. Ajaya Mishra will personally guided you in every step of your progress. His team will assist you through out the program for an effortless experience.
  1. After you enroll in the program, you will be added in the program immediately. The welcome link will be available in the Thank You Page and same is also going to be sent over a Confirmation Email.
  2. Click on the Welcome Link to access the program immediately. 
  3. In case, you find any difficulty in joining the program please reach us at
  4. We will assist you in every step of the program starting from registration to obtaining final certification.

All the communication will be provided over email. However, if you need any quick support, you need to chat over WhatsApp and our team will support (mostly admin related issues).

There is an Exclusive WhatsApp Group for Coaches which will be accessible after your graduation. 

Yes, certainly we do have EMI facilities available on Check Out from all major Credit Cards and some select Debit Cards like HDFC, IndusInd, and Kotak Bank. 

You can check the EMI via Card Option.

You may check Pay Later option on ICICI, HDFC FlexiPay, and Kotak Mahindra Bank.

You may also check Cardless EMIs from Early Salary and others.  

  1. All the live sessions will be conducted on Zoom.
  2. We will share Lessons schedules and Zoom Meeting details in advance. So that you will get enough time to get ready and join the session on stipulated date and time.
  3. You are requested to keep checking our emails and other modes of communication with Team Big Manifestation Academy
  4. In case, you miss any communication or need assistance you can reach us directly at
  5. By chance, if you miss any Live Session, we will provided the recording of the live session on our academy

The program will be available on our academy. When you enroll in the program you will get access to the program in the Big Manifestation Academy.

Yes, it going to be a mix of both Online Video Lessons and Live Sessions.

Most the concepts, principles, methodologies, techniques, and theoretical aspects will be covered through pre-recorded video lessons. So that you can complete it at your own pace and convenience. 

However, every month there will be one Live Q&A and Interaction Session with Ajaya Mishra. Apart from that there will be Orientation Sessions, Discussions (on need basis), Practice Sessions time to time.

There are many good reasons for you to join this program. Three most significant reasons are:

  1. This program is designed and taught by Ajaya Mishra who has proven track record of being a successful Law of Attraction Coach and Success Mentor in India and abroad. 
  2. Ajaya is famous for his powerful and life transforming teaching. You may check his YouTube Channel.  
  3. If you want to be a successful Law of Attraction Expert and Life Coach, Ajaya Mishra and Big Manifestation Academy would be your obvious choice who has tons social proofs and proven track records unlike others. 
  4. Excellent team support, powerful add-ons, and bonus
  5. Exclusive Group Coaching, Individual Guidance and Q&A Sessions by Ajaya and Team

There is no refund for this program once enrolled. 

The value you get from this program is way higher than what you pay and will be highly rewarding in your personal and professional life.

Imagine This Day: You Become The High In-Demand Law of Attraction Life Coach

Life Coach

You become a powerful, effective and successful Life Coach. You become more effective in your work by helping your clients move past their fears, overcome challenges, manifest their dreams and become more successful.

It’s a journey where you’re immersed in the work. In other words, you’ll “walk the talk.” You’ll become the most credible and effective Life Coach and Law of Attraction Expert… and enjoy a dramatic boost in the results you’re producing.

Please don’t miss this once-a-year opportunity to engage in your own transformation as you learn how to teach, train, and coach others to their greatest success.

I highly encourage you to speak to an advisor now and get instant access to the training. Get started with my curated high-valued resources and transformational techniques to use in your life and career. As you go through it at your own pace, time, and convenience, the process, framework, guides, and techniques are easy to follow and simple to implement with your clients in any situation in life.

You can do it and it will happen to you.

My best wishes!

Enjoy A Life-Changing Career Success When You Join the Certified Law of Attraction Life Coach Program Today!

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