Make Your Life Awesome: Law of Attraction Manifestation Program

Discover My Secret Manifestation Formula To Start Manifesting Your Goals, Desires and Dreams with The Law of Attraction

The Most Powerful 22 Days Manifestation Alignment Program for Law of Attraction Practitioners


🎯 22 Days Manifestation Alignment Rituals

🎧 51 Audio Lessons (Incl. Daily Affirmations)

🔥 Powerful Hand-Picked Tools & Strategies

🎖 A Structured Manifestation Framework

👨‍🏫 Team Support On WhatsApp & Email

Total Value of the Program: ₹10,000 or $210



“When you want something, all the Universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.” – The Alchemist

As I believed in this universal wisdom quite early in life, I started setting my goals, desires and dreams and following them.

When I started following my dreams with all my heart, The Universe started showing one opportunity after another, one path after another and taught me one wisdom after another.

In this course of my journey I realised the Power of Attraction – the Universal force that is working for all of us and works in a principle known as The Law of Attraction.

Once I fully understood the Law of Attraction, my life turns out to be truly awesome and all my dreams, goals and desires started coming true faster than ever before.

Once I started working on my thoughts, feelings and actions aligned with the Law of Attraction, The Universe rewarded me abundantly and magnificently in my life.

When I see myself 20 years back, I was totally a different person.

I was not sure what to do with my life so I was struggling in many areas of life such as career, confidence, personal and social relationships, etc.

And most importantly I was struggling financially big time.

I used to think how should I lead my life to achieve:

✔️ Success in my career

✔️ Earn a lot of money

✔️ Find my passion and purpose and

✔️Live a happy, successful and abundant life

When I tuned into the Law of Attraction and Success Philosophies and my life started changing in a positive way.

✅ I manifested success after success.

✅ Dream Job after Dream Job

✅ Money and Financial Growth

✅ Happy and Great Relationships

✅ Freedom, Good Health and much more…

With time I became more successful, more happy and start leading a purpose driven life.


awesome aj ajaya mishra make your life awesome



When I realised so many people around the globe in spite of KNOWING and BELIEVING in the Law of Attraction are STRUGGLING to manifest their dreams and live a good life…I break down MY SUCCESS FORMULA INTO THIS 22-DAYS PROGRAM.


When I created this program, I was thinking about YOU (Yes! You and thousands of dreamers just like you who have successfully completed this program and manifested their dreams.)

I asked myself “How Can I Give You A Program That Will Be A GAME-CHANGER?”

I created the exact program I wanted and the reason this Make Your Life Awesome Program is Creating Massive Results and there is NO OTHER MANIFESTATION Program like this because…

✅ Well-Structured Secret Manifestation Formula

✅ The Manifestation Activities and Rituals Are DOABLE (Easily)

✅ Explained in the Simplest Way Possible (Even a 12-Year-Old Can Do It)

✅ Designed For You To Complete It Effortlessly

✅ Filled with Motivation and Inspiration To Keep You Going

✅  Tons of Tools, Bonuses and Add-Ons For Fun-Filled Manifestations

That’s why thousands of participants have accomplished success and made their lives awesome through this program.

In Just 22 Days Set Yourself On The Path of Manifestation

What if YOU CAN set yourself on the VIBRATION OF MANIFESTATION every single day?

Well, that’s what THIS program is designed to do!
So far 1000s OF PARTICIPANTS have created SUCCESS and MANIFESTATIONS for themselves in almost all areas of life (if we include everyone’s success stories).
They’ve Successfully Manifested…
Big Manifestation Academy review actress nisha
AJ's courses are groundbreaking & awesome! They are simple, engaging, very practical & worth your time & money. He tunes your life to the frequency of abundance & success. I've not only manifested my career, awards but also transformed to be a better being. My heartfelt gratitude to this messenger of God.
Nisha BK
South Indian Actress & Dancer
big manifestation testimonial results
I was at a crossroads in my life when I found AJ on YouTube and then joined the 22-Days MYLA Program and my life has changed dramatically since. My mindset is beyond positive, I love life, I am focused and he has taught me skills to keep focused and use in everyday life to make me successful in all areas of life. Words cannot describe how life-changing AWESOME AJ courses have been for me. I would advise anyone who wants to live a magical life to start today!
Entrepreneur, Dubai


If You Have A Goal, Desire or Dream - THIS PROGRAM IS FOR YOU!

Anyone and everyone can join this program who DESIRES to make their life AWESOME and MANIFEST THEIR DREAMS.
So far 1000s PARTICIPANTS from all walks of life and from all over the globe have joined this Make Your Life Awesome Program.
Whoever follows the program sincerely, and applies all the tools, techniques and strategies can make his or her life TRULY AWESOME.
The AWESOMENESS continues with people from all walks of life.
Big Manifestation Testimonials
This program was amazing. Loved each & every techniques and exercises. Zillions of love & gratitude to you Big Manifestation. The way he guides and make the techniques to follow is fun.
Ritika M.
Big Manifestation Testimonials
One of the most amazing courses I have ever done. It has changed my thoughts and mind completely. Best for anyone who want to learn Law of Attraction Manifestation Secrets.
Nitesh Ahir
Real Estate Businessman
Big Manifestation Testimonials
Extremely overwhelmed with Big Manifestation's this MYLA program. It was like a dream come true. I manifested so many things during the program, it still amaze me. I suggest everyone to enrol.
Dr. Sanju
Doctor, Ahmadabad
Big Manifestation Testimonials
A program worth doing. I've been practicing LOA since 2013 but I never experienced my wishes and dreams come true so beautifully and fast. Thanks a lot AJ sir for this totally awesome program.




From A Small Town Lower-Middle Class Boy To Becoming An International Success Mentor.

I was born and brought up in a small town in India.

Coming from a LOWER-MIDDLE CLASS FAMILY, I have faced all kind of struggle possible very early in life. But deep down I had this belief that our life supposed to be more than what we have given with.

I set my self in the quest to find the answer to ‘why do some great people have all the success and happiness while most others are living in struggle and misery?’

I did my Engineering and was working as a Site Engineer in a factory when I found the answer in the form of LAW OF ATTRACTION and SUCCESS MINDSET SECRETS. Once I applied them my life changed phenomenally in every dimension – career, dream job, promotion, money, foreign travel, great relationships, inner happiness, abundant life and much more.

awesome aj life coach

And in this process most importantly, I found my true purpose in life and became an International Success Mentor and India’s No.1 Law of Attraction Coach.

So far I have mentored, coached, and taught Over A Million People through my lectures, programs, workshops, videos, audio, and articles.

My Path-Breaking Techniques in Success Strategy, Law of Attraction, Subconscious Mind Programming, and Business Success have been embraced by actors, singers, athletes, entrepreneurs, corporate leaders and people from all walks of life to achieve remarkable success in their personal and professional lives.

And the AWESOMENESS is spreading through our AWESOME TRIBE of 1 Million+ Members across the globe. And it’s growing.


awesome aj testimonial rahasya
There was a point where I wanted to give up and that is when I came across AJ which has helped me grow in every aspect of my life professionally and personally. I have used his techniques and now I have happily achieved my career goal which I had dreamt of 8 years ago. Thank you, thank you, thank you AJ 🙏
Rahasya Gorak
South Indian Film Actress
big manifestation academy testimonial
Big Manifestation is indeed doing an awesome and thoughtful job by contributing to the lives of people by providing knowledge and information about the Law of Attraction, Power of Subconscious Mind and many other areas. Their power-packed courses and guidelines certainly transform people's lives.
Akash Dasnayak
Odia Film Star & Politician
awesome aj testimonial nikkesha
I absolutely love AJ's Heal Your Heart Meditation Program. It lifts your energy and brings you back to your own centre. Big Manifestation shares wisdom, tools, and techniques that are comprehensive, powerful and increase self-love. It's the magic that we all need and he sends us in that space.
Nikkesha Rangwala

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This intention is the beginning of your manifestation journey. Yes! You can make your life awesome with the help of Law of Attraction and Success Philosophies. In this MYLA Program I have break down each and every aspect of how to make your life awesome successfully in an easy to follow and simply doable way. Once you start following them in your life, you will manifest success and start making your life awesome.

Law of Attraction is always working, however just believing in it is not enough unless you use it in the right direction for your manifestation. Many people believe in the Law of Attraction, but they continue to live their life in auto mode with old beliefs, negativities and fears that’s why they usually get the opposite of what they want.

Remember if you keep thinking the same thoughts and keep doing the same things then you will be keep getting the same results.

To let the Law of Attraction work for you, you have to think, feel and act in the direction of what you want. Law of Attraction is based on this principle of ASK, BELIEVE, ACT and ACHIEVE. Here in the Make Your Life Awesome Program, we will take you on a structured path so that you will think, feel and act in alignment to your desires. This program is designed in such way that it will not let you deviate and keep you motivated and positive to work on your dreams as per Law of Attraction. Once you implement the program in your life, you will start seeing the Law of Attraction working in your life. This is the beauty of Law of Attraction.

Law of Attraction is always working, and it’s is responding to your inner beliefs and vibration. You must have heard the core concept of Law of Attraction “Like Attracts Like.” It means whatever beliefs and vibration you have whether you like it or not, you are attracting more of it. That’s why people with lot of negativities like anger, frustration, sadness, grief, resentments, fears and doubts always attract the opposite of what they want. That’s why in this Make Your Life Awesome Program, we have designed all the tools, techniques and strategies in such a way that they will reset your vibration, rewire your brain and re-write your thoughts, feelings and action in a positive way aligned to what you desires. That’s why so many people who were failing before start manifesting all kind of desires after joining this program.

This is because others are working in a way that is in tune with Law of Attraction principles and what they desire. And you were doing the opposite.

Remember “Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve.”

When you start working on yourself as per Law of Attraction you start manifesting like others. Law of Attraction is Law of You. Therefore, you have to tune in with Law of Attraction and channelize all your energy in a focused, positive and concentrated way towards your goals, desires and dreams. This is the USP of Make Your Life Awesome Program. Then Law of Attraction will work for you 100%. And as a result, this program has created 1000s of success stories.


Here is what This Make Your Life Awesome Includes

🎯 MANIFESTATION FRAMEWORK: A structured program designed for the manifestation of your goals, desires and dreams.

🎯 SETTING RIGHT INTENTIONS: How to Plan Your Dreams And Desires As Per The Law of Attraction.

🎯 MANIFESTATION STRATEGIES: Powerful Law of Attraction and Subconscious Mind Programming Tools, Techniques and Strategies.

🎯 VISUALISE SUCCESS: Learn Powerful and Effective Visualisation Techniques

🎯 BELIEF BUILDING: Strengthen Your Belief In Yourself And In Your Dreams So That You Can Achieve Them.

🎯 VIBRATE HIGHER: Raise Your Vibration To Start Your Life With Positivity, Faith, And Awesomeness.

🎯 AWESOME RITUALS: Daily Activities/Tasks/Rituals to do to tune into manifestation mode.

🎯 AWESOME AFFIRMATIONS: Daily Affirmation for positivity,  motivation, and manifestation.

🎯 AUDIO LESSONS: The Main Program Content is in AUDIO. And you’ll get 51 Audio Lessons to learn the Manifestation Framework.

🎯 REMINDER SYSTEM: The program includes EMAIL NOTIFICATION SYSTEM that will help you stay focused and complete the program.

🎯 HELP & SUPPORT: You’ll get support inside the academy to complete the program with ease and confidence.

🎯 24×7 ACCESS: Get unlimited access to program lessons for 365 Days.

🎯 PRIVATE GROUP: Be a part of our Private Facebook Group and share your success and get inspired by others.

🎯 BONUSES: You’ll get Bonuses, Templates, certificates, Add-one along with Success Stories to make your manifestation process easy and effortless.

🎯 LANGUAGE: All program content and lessons are in Simple and Easy English and anyone can follow it.



make your life awesome program



🤩  This is a 22-day Manifestation Program

👨‍💻 A New Way To Create Your Awesome Life With The Law of Attraction

👨‍🏫 46 Manifestation Lessons with Powerful Tools and Strategies

🧘‍♂️ A Well-Structured Manifesting Framework To Unlock Your Manifestation Power

💡Hand-picked Tools and Tried & Trusted Strategies

🔥 Every day new Law of Attraction Exercise for Manifestation

😇 Daily Affirmation To Stay Focused And Positive

If you take action today then you would get exclusive Bonuses as well

make your life awesome


✅ Positive Morning Audio Affirmation (Downloadable) (₹3,000  or $50 Value)

make your life awesome


✅ 4 Awesome Templates (Downloadable) (₹5,000  or $87 Value)

make your life awesome


✅ Access to Big Manifestation (Private) Facebook Group for regular Live Interactions and Q&A Sessions (₹12,000  or $200 Value)

make your life awesome


✅ Earn Your Program Completion Certificate (₹6,000.00  or $100.00 Value)

make your life awesome

Congrats! Special Discount Available.

Total Value of This Program

₹ 6,000.00 / $ 140.00

₹ 3000* / $ 67

* Applicable Taxes Extra

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₹10,000 / $210

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3 Courses 3 Months

Three Powerful Manifestation Programs


₹100,000 / $1865

₹5999* or $99

*Applicable Taxes

Our Participants Say

Frequently Asked Questions

You will get access to the program content instantly when you buy it. This allows you to start using it immediately.

The program starts immediately after your registration. It is a 22 Days online program that you can follow day by day. Every day, you will have activities to do. However, if you decide to take it on your own pace then you have the freedom to start and finish at your convenience.

NO. This is a 100% digital program and all contents are available here on our Online Big Manifestation Academy only. You can activate the Email Notification System to receive emails reminders for the first 22 days to follow the program content dedicatedly.

After enrolling, you have 365 Days of access to this program. You can do it as many times you want in a year across any and all devices you own.

Access will be automatically removed after a year.

An Open Mind and a Desire to manifest your Goals, Desires, and Dreams. Ready to take steps and Implement the recommendations. A Phone or Laptop with Good Internet Connection. Also, it works in your Smart Phone and Tablet. A Notebook/Journal and a Pen. Headphone preferable for better audio clarity and attention.

NO. There is NO REFUND for this program as you get 100% access to full content on the day you join. So it CAN NOT be refundable.

MAKE YOUR LIFE AWESOME Program is giving you that MANIFESTATION FORMULA, that systematic way forward, that step-by-step process that helps you to achieve your goals, desires and dreams.

Many people fail to create success for themselves with the Law of Attraction. Therefore, I have created a program exactly for you.

If you ask the universe for something in the right way and use the right tools, you are bound to get it.

That’s how the world works. It all starts with your desires.

And the right tools, techniques, strategies and processes.

A 22-day Law of Attraction Manifestation Program where you learn powerful techniques to program your mind and remove all the negativities from your life.

22 days is all it takes.

I will provide you my MANIFESTATION FORMULA and I’ll teach you the tools and techniques that you need to achieve all that you want to achieve.

No one can stop you if you truly want something in your life. It all depends on how far you are able to trust yourself and manifest that energy outwards. 

Start and take that action now. The more you believe in yourself, the more you will be. The more you ask, the more you will get.

Thousands of people have joined this program so far and manifested all kinds of goals, desires and dreams.

In short, manifested their Awesome Life.


100% Yes! When you enrol in this program you will get a structured program that is created just for Law of Attraction manifestation. Even if you are completely new, you will get everything in such a way that you will understand and able to use effectively and achieve positive result.

This is totally different from my YouTube Videos or any other YouTube Video because YouTube Videos are specific to one topic or one tool or strategy. However, here I am giving you a step by step Law of Attraction Manifestation Formula that is spread over 22 days. This is not about one particular tool or strategy but a sure shot, well designed program that’ll give you the 360 degree perspective for manifestation.

If you have been watching our YouTube videos then you MUST join this program because now you are much more ready than ever before to take your manifestation journey to a higher level.

As long as you have dreams, desires and goals and you want to achieve them – You need this program and this will work for you. Because this is a Law of Attraction Manifestation Program and it is designed to help you in achieving your goals, desires and dreams.

Once you start implementing the manifestation framework given in this program, you will see such progress and possibilities in your life that it will amaze you.

I have created this 22-Day Program from my decades of experience and wisdom. So you don’t have to worry about how to follow it, as it is designed with so much of ease and clarity that you have to just follow it as guided with an open mind and sincerity. One you follow it dedicatedly success is yours. So far 1000s of people have manifested their goals, desires and dreams and you too can.

Yes! This is a complete package and well designed for manifestation. Participants have manifested Dream Job, New Job, Business Success, Started New Business, House, Car, Exam, Interview, Visa and what not.

It only requires your sincere approach and full dedication to the program.

It is going to be one of the easiest and most interested training/manifestation program you can ever imagine. Every day you have to give around 20 to 30 minutes to do the activity/ritual/exercise apart from listening to the program audios. Sometime it may take less and sometime little more time. But the key is – to make your life awesome you have to start investing your time and energy on a daily basis for your dreams. When you’ll do that you will start seeing extraordinary results in your life.

Imagine you have been living all your day for everyone else except for yourself then how can your goals and dreams will come true? Only when you start giving some time for yourself then you will start manifesting your dreams. If you have some goals, and dreams and have the desire to live a successful and happy life then you can always find some time within 24 hours to manifest your awesome life.

Now I don’t know what to say. But if you can not invest this much on yourself and on your dreams, then this is probably not for you.

However, I must insist that you probably consider investing more on yourself and on your dreams as early as possible. Because you and your dreams should really matter to you in your life. When you achieve your dreams, you take your life to a higher level in true sense.

Like one of the greatest investors of all time Warren Buffet has said “The best investment you can make, is an investment in yourself… The more you learn, the more you’ll earn.”


Play Video about Hitha Chandrashekhar testimonial

After knowing AJ and doing 'Make Your Life Awesome' program my life has improved in all areas of life, be it money, health and relationship. I urge everyone to not think twice and do his course.



make your life awesome program



✅  29 Audio Lessons with Manifestation Framework (₹6,000  or $140 Value)

✅  22 Powerful Audio Affirmations (₹3,000  or $50 Value)

✅  Daily E-mail Notification to keep you in the flow (₹1,000  or $13 Value)

✅  Support & Guidance by our Team Inside The Academy (Priceless)

✅ [BONUS #1] Morning Affirmation in Audio (Downloadable) (₹3,000  or $50 Value)

✅ [BONUS #2] 4 Awesome Template (Downloadable) (₹5,000  or $87 Value)

[BONUS #3] Exclusive Facebook Group for Interaction and Q&A (₹12,000  or $200 Value)

✅  Access from All Devices – Desktop, Mobile & Tab

✅  365 Days Unlimited Access Period

🤩  This is a 22-Day Manifestation Program

👨‍💻 A New Way To Create Your Awesome Life With The Law of Attraction

👨‍🏫 46 Manifestation Lessons with Powerful Tools and Strategies

🧘‍♂️ A Well-Structured Manifesting Framework To Unlock Your Manifestation Power

💡Hand-picked Tools and Tried & Trusted Strategies

🔥 Every day new Law of Attraction Exercise for Manifestation

😇 Daily Affirmation To Stay Focused And Positive

1 Month Access


₹10,000 / $210

Just ₹999* or $21

*Applicable Taxes

3 Courses In 6 Months

Three Powerful Manifestation Programs


₹100,000 / $1865

₹5999* or $99

*Applicable Taxes

make your life awesome

Congrats! Special Discount Available.

Total Value of This Program

₹ 6,000.00 / $ 140.00

₹ 3000 / $ 67

+ Applicabe Taxes Extra

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50% OFF

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Our Participants Say

This is truly a path-breaking program that has been creating success after success. This has transformed thousands of participants life and bring happiness and success into their lives.

I personally believe in Law of Attraction and Success Mindset because when you live and work for your success you are serving your true purpose of life.

Many people have many philosophies in life, and they conduct themselves that way. But one thing I must share from my experience that there is no other thing in life like success. If you succeed in life you will get everything in life and you become more capable of doing more and more for yourself, your family, your community, your society and your country and the whole world. So, tune into success and serve yourself and the Universe’s true purpose.

With Love & Gratitude,

Big Manifestation – Ajaya Mishra

Stay Motivated, Stay Awesome!

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