How To Achieve Phenomenal Success In A Job Interview With Law of Attraction

How To Achieve Phenomenal Success In A Job Interview With Law of Attraction

Interview Success and The Secret of Law of Attraction

What happens when you go for an interview?

How can Law of Attraction play the most powerful chord in interview success?

Motivation and high spirit is necessary but how can you create that within you for achieving phenomenal success?

Most of the people wonder how they can use Law of Attraction for phenomenal success in Job Interview or any interview like a college campus interview or promotion interview or visa interview or University entry interview. The same phenomena work in all situations because this is Universal. This works on the Universal principle of Law of Attraction. Whether you say, you need motivation or confidence it builds upon the same foundation, what works behind is the same universal wisdom which governs the Universe: Law of Attraction.

This is the much-awaited post on my blog as so many people are waiting for this after the much popular post “HOW TO ACHIEVE PHENOMENAL SUCCESS IN EXAM”.

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Using Law of Attraction in Interview Success

Everyone gets to face an interview now and then, may it be for our Dream Job or for campus interviews in recruitment season in colleges or for visa clearances or for university entry or for many other purposes.

You have a dream and you want to manifest that, now you have reached a point where this interview is the only thing standing between you and your dream. And as these interviews as the last step of all such adventures, it gives a feeling of nervousness or doubts too many people.

After attracting this job interview many people feel a rush of their blood, a mixed kind of fear and excitement come together, for some the nervousness become heavier, while few others get doubtful about their own readiness for the big day.

It also happens people are so focused on attracting the interview that many times they feel they aren’t prepared well for it. Then they got to know the interview is scheduled for next one or two weeks and they start wondering how they should get ready for it? How to be ready that they win their dreams which they have attracted so dearly? Now the real test starts, right!

At such a juncture they post and seek guidance in many forums or from the person on “How to win this interview or how to use Law of Attraction to make it happen?” and most of the replies they received are being confident, be calm, be happy, stay motivated. But all of us know these are the traits needed at that moment, but the real question the person asked is “How I am going to be in that state? Can Law of attraction help me in being calm, confident and motivated? Yes! It can, but how?”

Interview success with law of attraction

Step By Step Method for Interview Sucess using Law of Attraction

This is based on my personal experience. I have given tons interviews by now and on many different platforms. I love giving an interview as it opens up a new insight and it’s really fun as you know how it really works. But the series of interviews I gave for two of my Dream Jobs after knowing the law of attraction really opens a great insight into it. After knowing the secret, I attracted my first dream job with a French MNC and had 5 rounds of interview in two days all lasted from 45 minutes to 1.5 hours and cracked all in one go. Had interviewed with company’s India head and Asia’s head and made it a cake walk with a big paycheque. After working there for more than a year I got an interview for another bigger Dream Job with World’s Leading Management Consulting Firm was 4 rounds of interviews had with top management executives, all lasted for more than an hour and cracked in one go with a super big fat pay cheque again.

After this, I helped and guided 100s of youth in clearing their dream job interview or any other type of interview and here I am to share with you “How to use Law of Attraction as your strength for Achieving Phenomenal Success in Interview/Job Interview.”

Starting Point: When You Get the Interview Call

The moment you got the interview call you become very happy and some of your dance but for many of you a feeling of fear start making a shadow asking “Am I ready for it?” “Am I ready with all the desired skills?” “Can I get ready within the time left in hand, maybe in few days or one week or two weeks?” “What will happen if I will not able to succeed?” “How to gain confidence?” Most of you face these inner challenges, of course, many others who are very confident and ready to rock. But the majority feel that these series of questions keep flashing in their mind.

This is where Law of Attraction plays its magic to clear all your doubts and make you calm, confident, motivated and I must say the interview ready to rock the panel and win your dreams. This concept is not new but works a certain way to ease out all your fear and reinstate the power of faith and confidence.

Use Magical Power of Gratitude

After all excitement and conversation settle down for receiving the call, when you are free that’s the moment you have to start your constructive action to build your positive energy level.

Take an hour or 30 minutes off, keep aside what skills you have or not, how much ready you are or not, write the gratitude for the journey so far and the way ahead.

Take your journal or computer and write how grateful you are to all the people and everything related to this interview.

First, express your deepest gratitude to the universe and God for taking you so far and now gifting you your dreams for sure.

After that write grateful to the company or agency people who will take your interview, like:

  • I am immensely grateful to the person who will take my interview.
  • I am highly grateful to the interview panel for selecting me immediately.
  • I am grateful to the entire group of people who coördinate my interview or arrange it for me.
  • I am extremely grateful to those who called me for the interview, those who send me the interview mail or those who typed the call letter.
  • I am grateful to those who took me to the interview panel on the day.
  • I am grateful for my final offer letter and everyone work on making it.
  • I am highly grateful to all the things and people working behind this to make this interview coördinated and all this is happening to me only.
  • Feel and express gratitude for all these people.

Maybe you don’t know who are these people or never seen them but all of them are part of this universe and you can connect with them with your energy. It will help you feel comfortable when you go there. You have seen, you don’t know the reason, but some people you find very easy and comfortable for an interview and others you find rude and arrogant. What’s that, either the energy levels are not in coördination or you attracted the wrong group of people out of fear or dilemma.

With this gratitude, you found yourself in the perfect panel or with a perfect interviewer who helps you explore what you really know and how can you grow and not try to the ground you on absurd questions.

Many times you have heard some people go for an interview and they crack it with just casual talks and some people failed after hours of deep technical discussion. What’s the reason? The reason is the energy connection. The winner already knew it’s a cake walk and the job is meant for him or her. That’s what made the interviewer feel whether you are the right one or not. This is what Law of attraction does.

Gratitude is the first step, now time for Affirmative Action:

Like I mentioned in “How to achieve phenomenal success in exam” post the importance of affirmative action, the same way here also it is very vital to building your confidence. The gratitude part you did to attract right people with your energy connection. But to build your own confidence in you, you need affirmative action.

Here your affirmative action is to get ready with all the tools, skills and knowledge needed for the job. Maybe you have few days left for the interview or few weeks. And you may be feeling like you know everything or nothing. Whatever may be the case, but don’t panic, don’t get sad, none of this serves you well.

The key is building calmness and confidence with affirmative action.

How to take this affirmative action here:

Find out what you are lacking or what you need to build better, learn that with a happy heart, whatever time you have left with you use all the moment put on day in day out to be the best, to use it to best learning the skill and knowledge. Keep saying yourself “I know everything and I am best at it” you do it as an affirmation. If needed take others help in understanding things and get ready. Rather than saying you are not ready, transport yourself into readiness spirit. The confidence will start building super-fast.

Also, read the gratitude you have written to the universe and all the people like I said above, keep reading that every night before going to bed and when fear or doubt comes rewrite them. It will release all your negativity.

And as you start falling asleep, visualize that “You are sitting in front of an interview panel with the most peaceful and confident smile, all the interview panel members are sitting there with some peace and you are radiating amazing energy from you and the word you hear is YOU ARE SELECTED. Next, you are jumping with the offer letter.”

Whatever you are doing and going keep saying these words in your mind “I AM SELECTED, I AM SUCCESSFUL.” This reprograms every DNA of yours to be unstoppable and success is what you live by.

Remember doubting your abilities will never help, suppose if you are going for a job and said I am not good at it, how you can get selected. If by now you were not good this is the time to build it with affirmative action. It’s time for you to live in that skill and ability.

Example of Interview Success for Dream Job:

If working as a programmer for a software giant like Facebook or Google is your dream job and said I am not a good programmer and scared for all the programming skill set they test for, then how can u get your dream job.

Dream Job is that you love to do day in and day out and you want to live it, want to be in it and in the joy of it. And be ready to take up anything and everything if u want to be a programmer in Facebook or google then stop saying you are not a good programmer if u have this mindset the interviewer before asking you anything will sense that you are not a programmer. If you believe this is your dream job then immerse in it, jump into it. If you have 15 days left are you ready to devote the next 15 days to learn whatever it takes to crack all those rounds. Don’t say 5 software skills to improve in 15 days how can it be possible, if you think like this nothing is possible. If u believes it’s your dream job go immerse in it, devote your 24 hours of these 15 days to learn whatever it takes to live the programmer life. You know how those crazy programmers work in google they love doing those programming, when you align yourself with that frequency then you will land your dream job for sure. Nothing is impossible if you believe and surely work for it. And if you do it in these 15 days never say yourself or anyone that you are not a good programmer.

Write it down in your room in biggest font that “I AM A CRAZY PROGRAMMER.”

As you do all this for all the days before what you will do on the interview day.

Interview success with Law of Attraction

On the Interview day:

You are ready saying “I AM SELECTED, I AM SUCCESSFUL” and by now you are ready with all the knowledge skill and confidence. Today is the time to magnetize the Universe for You. Do you know how to do that?

The power of Gratitude energizes the Universe for you to succeed. As you start your journey to the interview venue start expressing gratitude to the dress you wear, to your documents you carry, to the bus, car or taxi you take, as you reached the venue express your gratitude to the building, to the lift, to the stair and express extreme gratitude to each one of these like all are living creatures. When you see someone on the way smile and let your peace shine everywhere.

Before entering the building look at the sky and breathe naturally say, “THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU UNIVERSE FOR MAKING MY DREAM COME TRUE.” It will free your heart from all anxiety or fear.

And you should definitely say this to the Universe because finally, he has set all the arrangements for making your dreams come true.

And as you go inside, by now you have so much of magical power within you that every moment of the interview will be a delightful experience and it will bring the joy of success only.

This is how you write the story of your own success in the heart of the Universe. When you do all this no fear can touch you, no shadow of a doubt can overpower and not part failure shake you.

Believe in the Abundance:

Believe that there is abundance in the Universe, forget about who all are giving an interview, how many other candidates are there, whether its recession or its economic crisis. You need one job and it’s your Dream Job so you are destined to it. You don’t need 5 jobs so don’t be worried about what’s happening around. If there are 1000s competing be sure those who are aligned all of them get it, those who are not there is something else for them, they are not ready for this now. There is absolutely no competition in this universe because there is always abundance.

Why Law of Attraction works this way for Interview Success?

Because I know the success is yours because you know the success is yours and the Universe knows the success is yours. The interview is meant for you and only you. Because this is your Dream Job and this is your dream success. This job is created for you and you are destined for it. Every bit of the work, play and pay involved in it is matching your vibration and it doesn’t stop there the Universe is gifting you this with gift wrapped with a golden plate shining on it “Your Wish is My Command.”

So what does that mean, this means you are on the Bulls Eye, You are at the peak of Your Adventure, and you are the epitome of success. Look up at the sky and Jump to Live Your Dreams Forever.

Live by the Law of Attraction, have a high Motivation and Success is your constant companion.

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