Attract Your Love Back Using The Law of Attraction And Gratitude

Attract Your Love Back Using The Law of Attraction And Gratitude

Hi Ajaya,

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you so much for this The Magic Program.

I am aware of the Law of Attraction for so many years but never realized how we can make our life better by it.

I am still on my journey of manifesting my dreams. But on a daily basis, I experience fulfilling my wishes. Like some days before, I want one specific jewellery set for the traditional day of office but it was out of budget for me. I just imagined that I am wearing that jewellery set in the office traditional day. I felt so good by imagining this and guess what? One of my teammates sends me the link to online shopping where the exact same set was on sale and it is completely within my budget. 🙂 🙂

I have sent you one mail before, in which I have written about my life partner dream.

After starting ‘The Magic’ program my self-talk has improved a lot. Before joining LOA and The Magic course my self-talk was full of negative things from May of this year. I have read The Alchemist many times and I believe that Universe gives us signals for our treasure.

As I told you before, I had a boyfriend who had a breakup with me. I was completely shattered by that event.

But as my self-talk improved, I asked the universe why had I broken up with him. Was he really not meant for me?

And one day when I was alone, my mind was completely blank my heart started talking to me and what it told me was completely shocking to me.

My heart reminded me that, ‘he was the same person I imagined in my dreams before he is coming into my life as a boyfriend, I always imagined about a person, about the good qualities of that person, even I imagined which song that person will dedicate to me at the first time. He was exactly the same person which I imagined. We were so good together. He even dedicated the same song to me. We thought in one direction. We both had realised this many times. If one thought came to one’s mind, there were 99% chance that it would come to another mind.

When we became a couple, many of my friends told me the story of their previous breakups. Somehow in the back of my mind, those stories remain. Things started getting worst when I told about us to my father. Every day in the morning he used to have a chat with me about him. And he always told me that there will be many roadblocks will come between the two of you and all. He will not keep you happy. I always thought that he is saying all this because of concern.

But as time moved, I started to think about all these negative situations. I started to become frustrated and one day I started to feel like, everyone just not cares for me they come and go from my life for their own reason. It was the same day when I had imagined in my mind that he is going to break up with me. During this period he was out of town for 15 days. And when he came back in town, after 2-3 days he told me that he wants to break up this relationship, to my horror he said exact same words which I imagined.

I remembered that after the breakup I was sitting on a bus and one lady came and sat beside me. She took her novel out of the purse and she look at me I felt like that lady wanted to tell me something about the book. That novel name was ‘It happened for the reason’. It was like a signal for me.

And after that, I look for a mentor or guide who can help me understand what’s going wrong and how I can change my life. And that’s the point I joined your 28 Magical Practice Video Program and it was absolutely life-changing for me.

Because of being on this journey of gratitude, in this journey of magic and law of attraction, I could able to hear my inner voice.

After this self-talk, I realized, what mistake I had done in my life. And how one step unfolds another and where I am today.

At that point, I asked my heart what should I do now to correct my mistake. And after some duration, my heart started to say “practice gratitude to all the good things he did for me and for his love.” It was such a nice experience.

Now I do practice gratitude for him on a regular basis and to my surprise, he started to talk with me.

Our relationship started getting better and friendlier. I have faith in Universe/God that as time will move we will be again in love and live happily together.

Thank you so much again for reading this mail, I felt like sharing this magical manifestation with you because you are the only person in my life who will understand the link between my thoughts and what had happened to me.

Love and Gratitude,


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