Back With Husband With The Law of Attraction And Magical Practice

Back With Husband With The Law of Attraction And Magical Practice

Dear friends,

I hope all of you are enjoying your magical life. I am sharing how all my dreams come true and most importantly attracting my husband back into my life.

Since 2012, I was the unhappiest person on earth. Complaining and blaming were my habits. I was unhappy because my husband and I were living separately due to some problems. I was crying all day and night. Living alone in a metro city and mentally, emotionally and economically I was broken. I was under depression.

During those days one friend of mine introduced me to The Secret but it was hard for me in this condition to read or apply. But without patience, I started watching The Secret Movie on a daily basis. Then I started reading The Power book and even I started Magic practice from The Magic Book.

I started writing gratitude, and affirmations and trying visualization on a daily basis without failing. My confidence increased and I got little peace within. But I wanted my husband back and a peaceful life with him and I didn’t have an idea how to do that.

During this time, I read some posts of Ajay Mishra on a Facebook Group and I contacted him. On his advice, I joined his 28 Magical Practice Program. I completed the course twice back to back. I did the Magic Practice from the book before but doing it with him was so much simpler, effective and powerful. Like God sent an angel, he was guiding me. I took his Personal Mentoring Program and he guided me a lot on how to correct my thoughts, how to focus and how to manifest my desire. Then miracles started happening in my life. By that time, it was already 2.5 years since I was living separately from my husband. As I started applying the Law of Attraction properly under Ajaya’s guidance my confidence started growing. And I knew my dream would come true.

After a few weeks of my 2nd Magic Practice session with Ajaya, one day suddenly I got a call from my husband. After two and a half years he called me and I was extremely happy.

Everything transformed totally within two months of getting that call. He proposed to me again and we both are together since then. My relationship with my husband is growing every day with more love and affection. We are living in our dream house and working in our dream jobs. We keep travelling to beautiful places. Our life is a blessing of God.

Now my relationship with my mother-in-law is most peaceful and divine.

Even after that, I have completed the 28 Magic Practice two more times with Ajaya Mishra. You may be thinking ‘do we have to practice the Magic Practice so many times?’ My question to you is ‘do you want to change your life or not?’ If your answer is YES then my answer is also a YES. If you have negativity as I had then why don’t you give your time, money and effort to make yourself better? Many of my friends asked me ‘Why are you doing the magic practice again and again?’ ‘Why do you take the guidance of Ajaya?’ And I told them that rather than crying for the rest of my life if this program and Ajaya’s mentoring is changing my life then what is better than that? I know that I can do the magic practice for the rest of my life because now it’s a habit for me.

Before knowing The Secret, the Law of Attraction and contacting Ajaya, my habits were crying, complaining, cursing and finding faults. And now my new habits are always being grateful, happy, and positive, doing affirmations, and knowing that the Universe is watching over me.

I must tell you if you are struggling, crying and expecting your life to change without doing anything, it will never going to change because I did that for two years. If you are suffering then watch The Secret Movie regularly, believe in the law of attraction and if you can join Ajaya’s 28 Magical Practice Course then join for sure because it will change your life.

Now I’m enjoying every moment of life being the Happiest person in the world. Ever since I found The Secret and Ajay, my life has changed and I will share more of my manifestations later.

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Ajaya Mishra. Thank you, Thank you Thank you Rhonda Maam and The Universe and all friends.

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