Divya Manifested Her Dream Job

Divya Manifested Her Dream Job

Hey Awesome AJ, You know your 28 Day Magic Practice Program was just awesome like you. It was blessing for me.

As I was not happy with my average job and my mind was full of tensions and negativity and then god just came to rescue me from that situation through you. I did those practices religiously and guess for me your practice to write daily 10 good things about yourself worked well.

Now I am so happy and full of positivity and got my Dream Job as well. In fact, I should be saying I got more than what I ask for, you are so well versed with Law of Attraction, that talking to you just make me feel I am in the vortex. You are really wonderful Ajay.

I have told you earlier as well that there is a sea change in me after completing this practice and conversing with you was a real pleasure you come with such a strong positive personality.

Zillions of thanks for showing me the pathway to success and happiness and abundance.

Keep doing this awesome work.

Divya, New Delhi

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