Dream Job Manifestation: Law of Attraction Success Story

Dream Job Manifestation: Law of Attraction Success Story

Hi Awesome AJ and Team

So here goes my success story and beautiful manifestation –

My manifestation – I manifested an opportunity with Tech Mahindra and that too with the role of “Quality Head” of Amazon business within TechM and the designation of “Lead Quality Manager” with just two discussions and no formal interview, now leading two sites, Vizag and Bhubaneswar. This is something so beautiful and mesmerizing because I was manifesting a job of Sr. Manager but instead, Universe gifted me with much more than that and that is of Head of Quality!

What I did/followed – I follow you Awesome AJ, I see most of your videos, and I am a participant in your programs Heal Your Heart Meditation, Magical Practice Gratitude Program, Transform Your Destiny, etc. After gathering all the knowledge from your videos, I started living a complete LOA lifestyle. I created my goal (Ask), I started living “As-if” I am already there (Believe), edited my resume and started contacting people in LinkedIn (Act), and removed all my internal negative emotions and beliefs by meditating and visualizing daily to be in the allowance mode and hence received the opportunity.

Once I saw your video where you have mentioned that you got a job where you had to travel to Delhi and you said to yourself that this interview is going to be a ‘cakewalk’. I followed the same i.e my interview is going to be a cakewalk, started thanking all the panelists beforehand for giving me the lucrative opportunity, and visualised every day that I am there in the office and I am working where people are happy and very satisfied with me and my work.

I made a habit of writing gratitude daily for what I have and for the things that the Universe is going to gift me.

On one Saturday, I got a call from the HR, and she just spoke about my role. After that, I got one call on Monday from the Corporate Quality Head from Hyderabad and it was just a mere discussion that if I get this opportunity, when can I join? I was absolutely surprised that the person is asking me on the very first call as when can I join! And then I got the next call from the Amazon Account manager from Mumbai. We spoke for about 10 mins. And the next call was from HR on Wednesday discussing my package! I got a package of almost 50% hike from my previous package.

Finally, I joined on 16th March’2020.

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you Awesome AJ and to your whole team who supported us with answering our questions, reverting back to our mails flawlessly!

Last but not the least, I always visualized writing this email to you. This was one of my desires that someday I will write to you about my success story too!

Will write a few more in the upcoming email!

Tons of Thanks and Warm Regards
Magical Sanchaitaa

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