Good Health, Better Job, And Weight Loss. Ayana Manifested All In Three Weeks!

Good Health, Better Job, And Weight Loss. Ayana Manifested All In Three Weeks!

Dear Aj,

Thank you, Thank you, and Thank you for all your support and guidance throughout my 28 Magical Practice. I have done the 28 Magic Practice thrice earlier but this time my experience has been ecstatic. I’m very glad to let you know THREE of my wishes from my wishlist have come true just within the 28 days of magic practice !!! It was possible because of your mentoring and the 28 Magical Practice Journey.

1. Healing My Health

I was to undergo an operation after one month time, and I was so disappointed about this. But I was determined to take a leap of faith with the 28 Magical Practice. So, I started pouring gratitude to my health. Whenever there was a health practice day, I did it with the utmost belief that this practice was going to heal me completely.

On Magic Practice Day 22 (Before Your Own Eyes), I went for my check-up. The doctor tells me that God has blessed me, and I don’t need the surgery anymore. I could not believe my ears. I was so happy and thankful to God.

Yes, it is true that miracles happen, and they happen quickly with GRATITUDE.

2. Manifesting Better Job

I was not happy with my current job. My job profile was very boring, and my manager was not easy to work with. I was unhappy with my job, but I was happy with the company. I wanted to continue to work in the same company but in a different team. I started pouring a lot of gratitude towards my manager and work every day. I was giving gratitude by writing 10 points that I’m grateful for them. Within no time after starting this practice, things started to change. My rapport with my manager became friendly, and I got an opportunity to change my team. Now I am working on a different team with a different manager in my desired profile.

All of this happened with much of ease and comfort.

3. Most Importantly – My Weight Loss Success

I wanted to reduce weight for a long time. But for some reason, I was not able to do anything about it. After I had started the magic practice, I put myself on a comfortable diet that suits my lifestyle. As a result, I have lost THREE Kg in just 21 Days. The result of losing 3 Kg in 3 weeks has motivated me to take more steps with determination toward my weight loss.

The best part about this weight loss is that it has happened effortlessly with GRATITUDE.

I would like to thank you AJ for guiding me through the practice.

Especially the 1-hour mentoring conversation over the phone with you was phenomenal. Your guidance motivated me so much that it made me take a decision to complete the 28 Magical Practice with the utmost belief that my life will change for good.

Along with an ATTITUDE OF GRATITUDE, it is the BELIEF IN GRATITUDE that has helped me manifest my wishes.

Thank you, Thank you, and Thank you AJ for being such a wonderful coach and a partner throughout the magic journey.

Thank you,

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