Deepti Trusts The Law of Attraction And Transformed Herself

Deepti Trusts The Law of Attraction And Transformed Herself

Dear Ajay, as I always say to you, that God / Universe has actually granted my request and sent you in my life as a Mentor and I truly feel blessed to have such a wonderful soul in my life who is actually helping people to make their life very beautiful, wonderful and successful. I know, whatever I would write here that words are actually very limited to express my feelings of gratitude towards you. Thank you, thank you and thank you for your support.

This is my second session with you of Magical Practice and I am feeling so good and really proud of myself that I completed it successfully [I can say ‘I am proud of myself because of our 10 self-appreciation points practice I am able to do successfully].

The last session [just before this session] I could not complete it because one of the major hurdle I always faced in my life was “not to trust any process”. And that hurdle dominated me last time and I quit the magic practice in between. I know, again the fault was mine and this situation has always created a great amount of regret also. When I spoke to you after my failed attempt and joined your Mentoring Program, and the way you motivated & mentored me, I got the courage to take one more chance for magical practice, I must say, I can see the beautiful and positive changes in me clearly.

This session was very special for me because I completed this practice in one go with full of trust and faith and the feeling of calmness and completion is simply great.

I am writing it here so briefly, because I know, like me, many people are facing the same problem, who actually start the best practices, but because of lacking guidance or mentoring, they lose track and get dissatisfaction, guilt or regret.

In this journey we need a mentor who will show us the next step, guide us, and give us the confidence that we can surely do it. And that is why I am always grateful to my universe to send you as a mentor in our life. Thank you so much and stay blessed always.

Looking forward to the best ever next magical practice session.

With loads of regards,


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