Dream Job Manifestation – Have Faith In The Law of Attraction To Manifest

Dream Job Manifestation – Have Faith In The Law of Attraction To Manifest

Hii AJ Sir, I am very very very happy n excited to share with you that I have manifested my dream job of becoming a Govt. Assistant Teacher. I had been waiting for this for the last 18 months. I had left all hope that govt would take any action to process this recruitment.

But after coming into your contact my attitude towards everything has changed. I began to feel good and positive and suddenly this October, I read in the newspaper that soon the recruitment of teachers will be completed and teachers will be given an appointment very soon. Since then I have seen many miracles taking place in my life.

There was a huge competition. For 15000 posts, about 55000 candidates were fighting. All we’re guessing merits to be very high. But I had firm belief and faith in my heart that some miracle is going to happen.

Many negative talks were there which disturbed me but soon I distracted myself by focusing on only one sentence “One seat is mine in my hometown.” I kept faith in the universe. And yes miracle happened, a merit list of unreserved candidates stopped in my name and I am selected in my hometown. I am the last on the merit list.

Now all my friends are wondering that I am very lucky. I can say “Yes I m very lucky because I have gratitude for everything.”

I have faith in the Law of Attraction and the Universe. And I am very lucky for I have a mentor like u  Sir.

That was impossible in others vie but was possible in my view and finally, my trust won. It’s a miracle nothing else. Which I was expecting.

I have manifested the job in my hometown. Now I am manifesting my favourite school for my appointment. I m extremely grateful to you Sir that you have awakened faith, trust, and love in me.

I am highly obliged to you Sir for the Magical Practices that kept me positive in midst of odd or even circumstances. Thank you, thank you, thank you, Sir.

Thank you so much 🙂


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