Heal Relationship And Overcome Depression With The Law of Attraction

Heal Relationship And Overcome Depression With The Law of Attraction

Dear AJ,

Today I am writing to you because of the gratitude which I have for you for the last 1 year. Just like most of the people who are struggling right now, I was in the same boat.

I was devasted, broken and depressed. The last 1 year was the worst year of my life in terms of self-confidence, self-love, and negativity. I had felt the depression of an extreme level where getting out of bed was the most difficult task for me. There was no ray of hope until one day accidentally I watched one of your videos on YouTube. The subject line was quite similar to what I was wanting to hear from long.

I opened your channel and I continuously watched your videos for 3 hours without a break. After that, I sat in silence and thought what if this works for me? What if my issues get resolved? What if my miseries go away? What if my happiness comes back?

But the chances were really low because of my depression.

Then I thought that what had depression given me apart from wanting to end myself. I bucked up enrolled myself in your 28 Days Magical Practice Course. And like a small kid followed it with all my heart. In those 28 days, I started feeling good about myself. I started believing that yes it will be fine if it is not today doesn’t matter it is going to be fine soon.

Along with the 28 days practices, I started practicing guided meditation of yours and techniques like 555, holding thought for 17 seconds, water technique and all the regular things which you ask in your videos.

Nothing went good in the first try but as you say that you might fail in the first go but keep repeating, after few days I started seeing repeated numbers all over and that was the sign from the Universe.

I will not lie it took me 4 months to start getting results of my manifestation.

Firstly I asked for smaller things which happened overnight and later I focused on my biggest issue which was parting away from the one I love. Believe me, we were not in contact for 1 year, we did not speak for a single day in one year.

I started manifesting for reuniting with the one I love and after 8 months that person called back and I couldn’t believe my eyes because that time I was following getting a text or call from that special person.


And after 1 year I am getting everything in place. Everything is back to normal and in the same manner which I imagined in my manifestation.

Today can I manifest overnight. I focus on the things which I want and eventually getting all that which I dreamt of.

Awesome AJ I can not thank you enough for being the guiding force. You have helped me change my life and wherever I felt low or depressed your words, videos, stories, and teaching have helped me get over the fear of failing.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

And for all those who are struggling, I can assure you it will be fine just have faith in God and the Universe will do wonders for you.

One thing which you SHOULD NOT DO is DOUBTING. Which I did initially due to which it took me time to reach the manifestation hights.

AJ, I am following all the techniques now also and to my surprise, everything is happening at a much faster pace.

Loads of love and gratitude to you and the tribe. Let all of us pledge to fight depression and bad time, life will be much more happy and amazing.

With Love and regards,
Your tribe member – MISHKA

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