Relationship Healing Story: Attracting Love Back

Relationship Healing Story: Attracting Love Back

Dear Awesome AJ Sir and team,

Today is the best day of my life because I am writing my soulful gratitude for achieving my goal of a happy married life. I have been married for sixteen years now but somehow the relationship was very stressful.

Though we love each other yet the small sparks became a huge fire and we decided to shut each other off.

In December 2017 disaster struck when my husband severed all ties with me. But deep within I knew we loved each other deeply and as I started to search for how to get back my love I came across the Law of Attraction and The Secret.

One beautiful morning I found an email for a free course on the Law of Attraction by Ajaya Sir. As I went through the fifth day I knew there was hope for me and enrolled on the Make Your Life Awesome Program.

My first goal was a happy loving joyous relationship with my husband. My insight grew and I could see the inner negative talk inside me against my husband. Daily affirmations made me happy as I used to be very depressed otherwise. I repeated this course again.

Still, I was struggling with the relationship. Then I enrolled on the Magical Practice Course. Ajaya Sir told me to do more gratitude practice for myself and my husband. I realised I was always finding faults with my husband in my mind that made me unhappy. I started writing gratitude points for him in the morning and at night. I started doing more self-appreciation all the time. For every little activity  I did, I appreciated myself. I saw the list to thank my husband was never-ending and I realized I already have a very happy love life.

Magic is happening now as my husband pours his love on me in his own sweet ways and I thank my husband, myself, Awesome AJ Sir and team and my loving universe for giving me my love life back.

I keep my gratitude practice every day and love myself with all my rights and wrongs. I find ten good reasons to be grateful for my mistakes as AJ Sir taught me in the gratitude course. I have stopped being critical of my mistakes since then and learn from it to evolve into a beautiful person every single day.

Thank you, thank you, thank you AJ Sir. Look forward to learning more from you.

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