Inspiring Self-Growth And Positive Change With The Law of Attraction

Inspiring Self-Growth And Positive Change With The Law of Attraction


First of all I want to express my gratitude towards you Ajay sir. Thank you for your guidance and support. Thank you for this program I really started appreciating myself and my self-growth. Thank you for everything. Now I want to share my story in two folds past me and current me.


From childhood onwards comparisons between me and my sister lead to a belief in my mind that I am not confident like her, I am a bit slow in everything and it resulted in low self-confidence. Since the age of 17, I am suffering from nasal allergy problems. I was a good student and everything was fine till graduation. After graduation, I did a job for two years but I was in a toxic relationship that affected everything my Company Secretary dream, and my inner peace and fears. I am quite an emotional and sensitive person. I decided to move out of that relationship and pursue my dreams and I left my job but because of my anxiety, and fears I failed in the exam again, and I faced rejections in interviews. In this messy state, I found my soulmate, Gaurav. With a lot of courage, I gave the exam in December 2019. But in February 2020 again I faced two major failures in my life again I got failed and I lost my love Gaurav due to third-party situations. I was totally devastated. On YouTube, I started watching different kinds of motivational videos and I came across the book called The SECRET. I read the book and then I came across your YouTube channel….


Today is the last day of 22 days program – Make Your Life Awesome and I become a positive and optimistic person. I am manifesting my exam success, my CS Dream, healing my relationship with my love Gaurav, and normal life free from nasal allergy. With this program, I started meditation and I changed myself completely. I manifested small small things to strengthen my belief. Today I am filled with full of positivity after all these years. I learned to stop overthinking. I learned to channelise my energy towards positive things. I know the universe has my back. Nowadays I found myself surrounded by feathers, butterflies, synchronicity, Rainbows, messages, and success stories. I am truly blessed by your teachings sir and soon I will share my main manifestation stories. Nothing is impossible for the Universe. We just need to believe and have the utmost faith in the ultimate external power.

I am grateful. I am blessed. I am strong, Beautiful, Healthy, and Successful. Thank you so much Ajay Sir for showing me this path…thank you so much….tons of blessings and love to you and your family.

Thanks and Regards,

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