Sowmya Believed In Yourself And Achieve Your Dreams: Exam Success Story

Sowmya Believed In Yourself And Achieve Your Dreams: Exam Success Story

Hello AJ,

I am sending this mail to share my success Story. I qualified CA Intermediate both groups in my first attempt. CA is my dream but for various reasons, I couldn’t pursue my dream. At that time I was only filled with negative thoughts. Everyone talked only negatively about CA. Like it is a tough course, no one clears the exam and all.

Whenever I met people pursuing the CA they also not responded positively.

Later one of my friends informed me about you and I have started to watch motivational videos and blog stories.

I have also joined your Magical Practice Course. It was a great help for me through which I started to remove all my negative thoughts in all aspects of my life.

I started to affirm daily about my CA and the Universe showed its magic.

Now even I don’t know how I registered for the CA course. I got an office for my CA Articleship that I wished. I started to meet people who told only positive things about CA. While I am studying for CA also I didn’t feel any toughness. Even I didn’t attend any coaching classes.

Whenever I feel negative immediately I change my feelings and think only about the positive. Now the result is here. I have qualified CA Intermediate with good marks. I am grateful to the universe. I am sure the universe will be with me for the rest of my Journey; I will qualify CA final and become a Chartered Accountant very soon.

After watching your videos, reading success stories and practicing affirmation techniques now I always feel blessed and I am receiving success after success.

Thank you so much AJ for your Guidance and tips.

Now I have started to apply LOA for my vision improvement. It’s really a miracle I have started to see changes in my vision. Thank you Universe.

Everything is possible if you believe in you and in your desire; the universe will shower its magic.

Thank you thank you

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