Sonam Healed Her Relationship With Love

Sonam Healed Her Relationship With Love

Awesome AJ Sir

March 2019 was the time when I needed a way out, and then one of your videos popped up on YouTube, After watching that video, my life took a turning point.  In October 2018, I stopped talking to my partner.  Even after 4 months passed, I was not able to forget him. Finally, a voice came from inside me that he is in my life even though he is not visible now but one day he will come back into my life.  That’s why God sent you into my life as an angel in this law of attraction manifestation journey. I joined the 28 Days Magical Practice Program. I used all the techniques which you taught on youtube. You never let me waver from my path. You always told me the signs and signals of the Universe through YouTube and I kept getting signals that I am walking on the right path.

 Finally, the day came when, on 1st May 2022, after 4 years, his message came at 6:51 in the evening.  After receiving that message, I was full of emotion for 1 hour. I kept remembering you, remembering God, and saying thank you. Tears kept flowing from my eyes for that one hour, they were tears of happiness. This manifestation journey has been wonderful for me. I am very thankful for your support. My prayers are with you. May you always be healthy and be happy.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

 Wish you a very Happy New Year 2023.

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