Reunion With Husband – Law of Attraction Success Story of Attracting Love Back

Reunion With Husband – Law of Attraction Success Story of Attracting Love Back

I extend my heart-filled gratitude and thanks to you for blessing my life with your divine guidance, support and divine knowledge of loving and connecting with my inner self.

I am a practitioner of the law of attraction, gratitude, and positivity for many years. However, consistency which is the main crux of this exercise, I lost it. I didn’t even express gratitude when there were definite reasons to do so. Consequently, I suffered a huge setback in my personal life. My marital relationship was in turmoil. My husband was abroad and I was in India. We both were feeling emotionally very low and eventually slipped into depression

However, as self-realization dawned upon me, I wanted to heal and reconcile our relationship but my husband cut all the means of communication with me, and blocked me on communication channels. I started feeling helpless, guilty, sad and depressed without any life within.

That is the time when God/Universe sent the angel in the form of Awesome AJ. I started 28 Days Magical Practice through the video again. I used to religiously follow all the exercises throughout the session. I even sought guidance from AJ via email and he was very kind enough to respond with his guidance and a large dose of inspiration/positivity. He even suggested me to read the following two stories which I did many times.

1. Attracting Her Love Back Using Law of Attraction – A Must-Read Success Story

2. How Is Attracting Love Back Possible Using The Law of Attraction & Magic of Gratitude

That gave me a signal from Universe and from within I started feeling that if they can do it, so can I.

I attended Ajaya’s Transform Your Destiny Workshop in Mumbai where I got the divine opportunity to interact with Ajaya personally and seek his advice. It was indeed a TURNING POINT. At the start of the session, I was in tears and worried but he assured me that by the end of the session, a miracle would happen and all the worries would evaporate and exactly the same happened. By the end of the session, I was confident that I am going to publish my success story soon. By the grace of God/Universe, the same thing has happened in less than 60 days after attending TYD.

My marital relationship with my husband is positively and magically healed and I am flying back to him in the first week of July’17.

Even after completing the Magical Practice, I kept practising all the tools (Gratitude, Visualisation, counting blessings, Self Appreciation points, gratitude rock, positive affirmations) consistently and religiously and it has now become a part of my routine.

Thanks a zillion Ajaya for guiding me on the divine path and always providing perfect advice whenever I felt stuck and low. I am indebted to you for guiding me and acting as a divine ray of hope.

Thank you, God/Universe for blessing all the divine souls by blessing our life with an angel in the form of Ajaya.

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.

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